15 thoughts on “Squirrels Often Sleep On Their Back, And It’s Adorable”

  1. It’s strange to me that the ubiquitous tree rats I see in every park, forest, and wooded grove in the midwest are adored as pets by others. I guess one man’s rodent is another’s best friend.

  2. This reminds me of a Haiku:

    Little gray squirrel
    Gathering nuts for winter
    Eat well rodent friend

  3. Most of us grew up with squirrels, but like so many things will surprise you when you take a more personal look.

  4. I love squirrels. Only recently have I found that squirrels are not only very smart and purposeful little creatures, that are also very entertaining to watch. I have gained their trust in just a few short weeks and am just 2ft away from hand feeding them. They come by daily to eat as well as play a game of catch the acorn or walnut whatever I throw for them that day. They are quite the little burgers as they get up on there bins legs waiting for me to throw the treat of the day. Too cute and I am happy to have found what they offer. I went all these years never knowing how much fun they actually are to have around.

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