The Funniest Reactions To “Squid Game” Netflix Series

Warning: major spoilers for “Squid Game” ahead! Since its debut, the South Korean series has become a global hit for Netflix, resulting in it holding the number one spot in 90 different countries. With “Squid Game” gaining so many new fans every day, here’s a new batch of funny tweets, memes and reactions that perfectly sum up this incredible series.

Realizing it's almost 2022 when I'm still processing 2020...

Squids on their way home after playing the game. Idk I’ve never watched the show

Me when I applied for college and got accepted without knowing what I was getting myself into #SquidGame

i’ve faced more peer pressure in my life to watch squid game than to do drugs

I guess we all watched the same show this weekend #SquidGame


Law professors: The exam won't be that bad. The exam:

True story.

Watching Squid Game and I’m realising I need this guys phone, I haven’t seen him charge it once in 4 days

Before vs. after.

Me at the end of Squid Game

when people ask me how I’m doing financially..

Seong gi hun everytime he meet someone:

Please give me back the amount of stress and anxiety I went through for this man

Father of the year award goes to:

not the squid game diet

are these the squid games yall talking about

Not enough squid.

So we know this year's most popular Halloween costumes right?

College is just a reverse Squid Game.

The end.

3 thoughts on “The Funniest Reactions To “Squid Game” Netflix Series”

  1. dystopian terror conditioning, preparing us for a more brutal world. other generations got to watch “C.H.I.P.S” and “Happy Days”. Something is wrong with this.

  2. Salesman: Sir. Would you like to play a game with me?
    Me: Aren’t you supposed to be taking your kid to Busan?


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