14 thoughts on “Good News, We Found a Bunch of Old Paintings Where People Are Spoon Feeding Cats Like Babies”

  1. AWESOME, some cats ook evil, some angry, some cute and some like anything but a cat. GREAT PICTURES and sweet from them to feed the cats back in the days. Great (Y)

  2. Interesting that so many paintings have the cats swaddled – is this to avoid having to paint fur? Or maybe it was common back then as a way to control fleas? Mind you, I have swaddled my cats to prevent being scratched to bits when giving them medicine.

    Side note: I think you’ve made it as a successful artist when your cats look realistic and not like nightmarish demons.

  3. 7th one down looks like one of those flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz… creepy as hell.

  4. WTF? Why are these people swaddling their cats and spoon-feeding them? They are treating them as if they were babies! Or maybe household gods? I mean, cats of all creatures do NOT need spoon-feeding! I get that the swaddling is to prevent them from scratching and struggling, but the whole thing is just weird. I feel there’s something I’m missing here.

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