Old People With Vegetation On Their Heads

Photographers Riitta Ikonenand and Karoline Hjorth are collaborating in an ongoing art project “Eyes as Big as Plates” that features old people wearing vegetation as large, unkept hairdos.

15 thoughts on “Old People With Vegetation On Their Heads”

  1. Very stimulating and thought-provoking .. I enjoyed them! Being a senior I’d do this!

  2. Wow, just wow! The artistry is top notch. The models look absolutely precious. Bizarre at first glance, then the creativity wins you over and brings the subjects and the nature they wear to light.

  3. Wonderful portraits of older people. How cool is it for them to be game for something like this?

  4. Wow! This is genuinely creative art work.
    Where are these seniors from…. I want to move there :-)

  5. Wonderful art project, truly inspiring showing one is never too old to step into another realm.

  6. Old womens’ , and old mens’ faces are works of art. Inspired and created by life, pain, and deep belly laughter.

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