Selfies With Homeless People Is a New Repulsive Trend

Because what better way is there of showing compassion and respect for those less fortunate, than by sneakily photographing them over your shoulder as you beam into the lens of an iPhone? It looks like this kind of disgusting behaviour is especially popular in Russia. If you get angry by viewing this gallery, consider donating to help homeless people.

8 thoughts on “Selfies With Homeless People Is a New Repulsive Trend”

  1. this is just cruel. smiling in pictures next to homeless people purposely? you must not know how miserable they are everyday.

  2. 😭😭😭this is horrid! These disgusting,inhuman people do not know how lucky they are, and they take photographs of sleeping people on the streets

  3. They should ask first then not post on social media as a selfie but to raise awareness, if at all.

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