14 thoughts on ““Selfish Pigs” Cartoons Show Annoying Things People Do”

  1. Looks like the Swine is a substitute for humanity & the degradation of planet earth. even dogs don’t shit where they live. Humans SUCK

  2. Dude, there’s crap in the world I don’t like too but geez, dial it down just a notch.

  3. Ba Ba bull shit Yeah, ok , put on a Joy Division album and write a poem about it, sunshine.

  4. So pigs are not that worthy to be fed by old ladies than swans because of not being cute?
    I understand!

  5. These pigs/swines are marginally more better AND excusable than humans/human beings themselves if you ask me

  6. Humans aren’t bad, just a bit… Unpredictable, and tending to Ty do to the right thing

  7. @Neil
    Perhaps some of these pigs are smarter than you and less selfish. Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet and are one of the only species that have found out how mirrors work. Oh, yeah, sorry, I thought you knew that.

  8. OH MY DOG!!!! I haven’t bought a humorous book since buying THE FAR SIDE gallery book back in the 1980’s, but if these were in a book I’d have to consider buying one! I was literally in tears after seeing just a couple of them! MORE!!!!

  9. people in the comment section need to relax more, This is suppose to be a site to make as laugh

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