16 thoughts on “Creepy Vintage Santas”

  1. None are Russian if they all work in the DC area. They’re likely CIA or FBI working part-time during Covid closing!

  2. None is Russian, given the age of the photos. Capitalist icons were forbidden in the USSR.

    Most of them are manifestations of Bughuul, though.

  3. The first two look like they were kicked out of the bar well after last call the previous night and got into a fistfight after one side swiped the other’s car trying to get out of the parking lot.

  4. I doubt they’re Russian. Christmas was illegal there until 1991. These photos look older. New York City maybe? Chicago? Detroit?

  5. (2) Definitely creepy smile, kid’s not overwhelmed either.
    (6) Mask wearing Santa? Wanted by the police, perhaps.
    (8) Evil Eye Santa, baby knows he just wants to escape.
    (9) NOOOOO! (14) Alien Santa? (15) Yea Gods! Kid’s not too sure.
    (16) Is there a body in that sack? (17) Your worst nightmare come true.

  6. On #9, they were so cheap that they just put a mop on this guy’s chin and called him Santa Claus.

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