The Funniest Posts From Ryanair Twitter Account

Ryanair is an Irish ultra low-cost carrier. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for with Ryanair. No frills, but a plane will get you from one place to another, and you can manage to save some cash. Along with very cheap flights, Ryanair stands out from its competitors in another way: its completely unhinged Twitter account. We have gathered a list of some of the most hilarious and self-aware posts Ryanair has ever shared. Scroll down and enjoy!

Don't even think about it

Crypto bros yesterday vs. Crypto bros today

We haven't seen Leo DiCaprio in 12 years

And they clap when the plane lands

You're not getting a free flight, Oisin.


Passenger: pays 5 quid Their expectations:

You should fly Buzz Air instead.

Only if you're Ryan Nicey

You didn't learn the first time?

Please don't lick our planes

They would need a pilot license for sure, Michael.

You mean the private lounge?

did you put money in the meter, Mark?

Them: "YoUr fLiGhTs hAvE nO lEgRoOm" Also them:

She's a 10 but she stands still on these

Are we about to kiss?

We'd advise to bring a Red Bull umbrella instead.

You don't understand random seat allocation

we'll provide flights

bend your knees

That's called being unemployed Dan

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14 thoughts on “The Funniest Posts From Ryanair Twitter Account”

  1. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of flying Ryanair then you know that nothing connected to them is actually funny.

  2. Ryanair is a worse airline I have ever seen and fly. They booked my flight from Frankfurt to Lisbon with one flight to Dublin on September 11, 2022 with one booking number and connection flight from Dublin to Lisbon with another booking number. Then canceled the first flight from Frankfurt to Dublin, but they didn’t cancel the connection flight. I changed my canceled flight for September 14. I didn’t have choice. I changed my connection flight for September 14 too. I paid more than $100 Canadian to change my flight from Dublin to Lisbon. The check in on my flight from Frankfurt to Dublin, their online check in gave me erro and I wasn’t able to finish my check in. I told Ryanair but they charged me 55 Euro for check in from Frankfurt to Dublin. In Dublin, on September 14. When I did check in and the desk counter gave me seat, at boarding pass suddenly asking me to pay 45 Euro for just only one luggage which was small carry on luggage with 9 kg. I said why?. Ryanair employee at boarding pass told me that I don’t have pioreaty ticket. She said, I can’t take my luggage inside airplane until I pay 45 Euro. I didn’t have time to argue with her but I explained what was happening to my tickets and I paid more than any passenger for this trip. I told her from Lisbon 2 days after I have to go to Toronto. She stopped me. I got mad and I said I leave my luggage with you, then I run to my flight because if I missed it I couldn’t come back to Toronto. The carry luggage didn’t have any sticker or any receipt or paper work on it and the Ryanair employee didn’t say anything. It is shame to stop a passenger at the boarding pass and asking for money for luggage. 99.99 percent of passengers may pay because Ryanair have known the passengers do not have choice to pay. Ryanair ruined my vacation. I stayed 3 days and 2 nights in Lisbon airport to get my luggage. The representative of Ryanair in Lisbon airport didn’t help and my request to find and deliver it to Lisbon to me was unsuccessful. Ryanair employees at Lisbon airport did the same. I filled lost and find form online for my luggage at Dublin Airport, I called the police at Dublin Airport and the police at Lisbon airport. I didn’t get any resault
    On September 16, 2022 I came back with no luggage to Toronto
    My home. My vacation ruined by Ryanair. Unfortunately, there is no one can stop these behavior of airlines to cheating the passengers and make them in trouble in their vacations and their flights. I am still waiting for my luggage if Ryanair employee didn’t take it home herself.

  3. @Houshang Bahmanpour:
    Well, you get what you pay for.
    If you don’t like this kind of flight, book a normal airline for a normal price. The flight might cost maybe 200€ instead of 30, but you won’t have to charge 45€ for your hand luggage

  4. Crying about booking the lowest, cheapest and worst service and then complain about getting the worst service.
    What’s next, do you complain MC Donalds not to serve you the freshest Michelin star food or low quality clothings at Primark?

  5. Houshang Bahmanpour
    You can’t really complain that Ryanair lost your luggage. You are responsible for your luggage and if you just dumped it on her then it probably got dumped, as per any abandoned luggage at all airports.

  6. My family got to Ryan Air 2 hours before the flight. The line was slow because for some reason the online check-in wasn’t working. After we had been in line for an hour ALL of the check-in staff left and 1 PERSON came to take over. After 45 more minutes she announced the flight was leaving. Half the people in line missed their flight. I read in Ryanair is no frills but it will get you there. Not true! We needed to pay for our flight home from another airline. Good luck trying to get a refund! It will never happen. They should be put out of business!

  7. No, no, no. This is for funny comments, it isn’t a consumer action group. That said, I’ve flown Ryan Air. It was cheap, the plane went up OK, came down fine, so that’s a win.

  8. I was flying from Warsaw to Las Palmas. 5 hours with Ryanair. It was great! I drank all beers on the airplane. When I was trying to order another one, the service said: “Unfortunately we do not have more beers, maybe you would like to start with Whiskey?”

  9. British Logic,
    Ryanair Flight £40, Seat Choice £12, Check In Bags £80, Food & Drink £20 =£152 “Rip off, robbing B**tards, never again”

    Other Flight, £200, free seat choice, free bags, free food, =£200,
    “Bargain, great flight, so much free stuff”

  10. Hahaha the black lady with the green thing on with all the pockets. Nobody gonna let her into a store…

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