13 thoughts on “Food-Inspired Purses by Rommy De Bommy”

  1. They’re handmade 1 of a kind pieces of art with a lot of work involved the price is actually very good. You can spend way more on designer crap thats knocked out by the millions in some sweat shop.

  2. Piece of art my ass. They are fun, but this is the kind of stuff that belongs on Firebox like the chicken bag.

  3. @Anonymous1 – I enjoyed looking at the very curvy model(s) as well. I also enjoyed the sense of humor in these creations. The world needs more of this!

  4. Honestly, I love it, but I’m not going to buy it. Yes, the prices are high, but consider this: The seller made this. I don’t know what material it is, but whichever it may be, the maker had to have gone to A LOT of trouble to make it so realistic. With a zipper and some space to put something in it, that purse is probably worth the money.

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