How to Get Revenge Against Thieves

Thinking of ways to avoid theft, Jeff Wysaski devised a way to exact sweet revenge on anyone audacious enough to try and steal his hard-earned money…




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  1. Anonymous February 11, 2019


  2. Ed M June 3, 2020

    Wait a minute – someone picks up a lost wallet to see who it belongs to and gets pranked? Not so nice

  3. Leona July 3, 2020

    In my mind; if somebody picks up a wallet from my bag just to be helpful and see who it belongs to… Well they have it coming. Stealing someone’s wallet is never a thoughtful act of kindness. In my humble opinion.

  4. Anonymous July 11, 2020

    We need Justice (Like in Saudi Arabia
    They cut off the Right Hand if Caught or Known to be a thief

  5. Mares August 8, 2020

    That’s freakin stupid! That’s supposed to be revenge? Are you a 6 year old girl?

  6. Droog November 14, 2020

    Shattering their facial bones and sinuses with a baseball bat will work wonders as well.

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