8 thoughts on “Hilariously Sarcastic Retro Picture Parodies by Anne Taintor”

  1. Funny, and nice to have a laugh. If you are too “woke” to enjoy, then GFY. My mother made 2 things for dinner – Take it or leave it. And yes, calling her is what scares me every day I do it.

  2. Thanks for the laughs! Much needed. Ah yes, the Take it or Leave it concept. The calling difficulty is over, as my mother passed away some years ago. However, there are still bad dreams… LOL!

  3. It’s funny how somebody can’t understand the concept of sarcasm and feels the need to post a comment about it
    It’s also funny how everyone else knows the exact same thing, but I still feel the need to make a comment about it.

  4. So sad that hardly anyone understands that sarcasm is ironic speech designed to hurt or harm someone. All ironic speech isn’t designed to be hurtful, sometimes ironic speech is only to be funny, like these are, so they are not sarcastic.


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