Hilariously Sarcastic Retro Pics

An artist called Anne Taintor is the originator of these snarky vintage illustrations that will surely make you laugh if you have a slightly wicked sense of humor. So, scroll down and feed your sarcastic soul.




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  1. Anonymous July 9, 2019


  2. not an actual parent July 13, 2019


  3. Anonymous August 26, 2019

    I look at what they used to cook in those days and eww.Nasty.

  4. Tommy February 22, 2020

    OMG, these are the best!!!

  5. Anonymous July 2, 2020

    I also remember those times, all too well. The young, that is anyone under 40 to me, do not have aclue about our lives and what was available then. At times I wish we had them back,life was simpler.

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