Unfortunately There’s Now a Pooping Butt Tea Infuser

The poop industry is clearly booming, with things like the poop knife becoming so popular, it was only a matter of time that the poop market leaked into the tea market. Now, here we are introducing the pooping butt tea infuser that might be a great gift for someone who has a juvenile sense of humor.

Pooping butt tea infuser.

It’s essentially a butt along with a pile of poo that sits in your cup brewing up your tea. It’s disgusting, yet oddly hilarious. This infuser works by placing your tea leaves inside the poo pile, then dunking the device into your tea mug. The butt will prop up on the side of your mug, while the stool sits at the bottom brewing up your tea.

Pooping butt tea infuser.

It’s made from high-quality food-grade silicone which also has excellent heat resistance as well as cold resistance. The material is soft, non-toxic, and tasteless, so it won’t affect the flavor of your tea after using it. However, we must warn that it might affect what your friends think of you.

Pooping butt tea infuser.

Here’s how we imagine this product was invented: once upon a time, there was a person who loved tea but hated getting up from the toilet to make it. One day, as they were sitting on the throne, an idea struck them like a ton of bricks. Why not combine the two activities and create a butt-shaped tea infuser? And thus, the pooping butt tea infuser was born! It quickly became a best-seller and now there’s probably an entire factory somewhere in rural China that makes only these tea infusers.

Pooping butt tea infuser.

You can get this tea infuser on Amazon for ten bucks. Please note that this site is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate affiliate we earn from qualifying purchases.

3 thoughts on “Unfortunately There’s Now a Pooping Butt Tea Infuser”

  1. Hmmmm, hot boiling water over silicone. Tasty! So you can get rid of the tea and have (for sure) enough chemicals in…

  2. You probably shouldn’t worry about it since that type of silicone is food safe. Besides, we’re all laden with micro plastics already.

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