Unfortunately There’s Now a Poop Tea Infuser

The poop industry is clearly booming, with things like the Poop Knife becoming so popular, it was only a matter of time that the poop market leaked into the tea market. Now, here we are introducing the Poop Tea Infuser.

Poop tea infuser.

It’s essentially a butt along with a pile of poo that sits in your cup brewing up your tea. It’s disgusting, yet oddly hilarious, but we still hate it and will still probably strongly advise against buying one.

Poop tea infuser.

This infuser works by placing your tea leaves inside the poo pile, then dunking the device into your tea mug. The butt will prop up on the side of your mug, while the stool sits at the bottom brewing up your tea.

Poop tea infuser.

Poop Tea Infuser is made from high-quality food-grade silicone which also has excellent heat resistance as well as cold resistance. The material is soft, non-toxic, and tasteless, so it won’t affect the flavor of your tea after using it. However, we must warn that it might affect what your friends think of you.

Poop tea infuser.

What are you thoughts on a this thing? Would you buy one? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Anonymous January 17, 2021

    With these two creative products (the poop knife and this infuser), Schumpeter must be rolling in his grave . . . .

  2. Anonymous January 17, 2021

    Does it come only in white?

  3. JEANNE January 20, 2021


  4. Anonymous January 20, 2021

    i felt that “unfortunately”

  5. Mama bird February 8, 2021

    Maybe … but it’s flippin tea make it hot chocolate and I am in

  6. Anonymous May 7, 2021

    I’d buy 12!!!!

  7. SKELDALE May 8, 2021

    Currently Unavailable. No price listed. Regardless, I’d buy one. I use loose tea too.
    A good gag to pull on unsuspecting friends and rellies.

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