9 thoughts on “Dirty Car Art by Nikita Golubev”

  1. Can you pay this guy to do this…?
    Just get your car dirty and slap some green paper in his hand and you’ve got a work of art!

  2. He missed a chance with that fish with the glowing lure. Instead of little fishies, he should have drawn mermaids.

  3. 1. My mom, when she was a kid, used to write “Wash me, I’m itchy” on dirty cars.
    2. I once saw “you’re cute” written in the dust on a car.
    3. I like to draw kawaii faces on cars when they’re covered with snow.

  4. These are wonderful. If I was so lucky as to have one, I’d want to put my car in a climate-controlled space to enjoy that picture forever.

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