Worst Interior Design Ideas Collected by “Please Hate These Things” Instagram

When someone invites you into their home, you never know what to expect. Will their rooms be full of tasteful decor that would inspire many Pinterest boards, or do they have a photo of a cow plastered across their entire fridge? One can only guess. If you’re interested in the less than aspirational interior design choices out there, allow us to introduce you to @PleaseHateTheseThings Instagram account that’s dedicated to shaming and celebrating the most ridiculous and terrible design choices homeowners have ever made. Scroll down to check out our top picks!

Do we have an epidemic on our hands?

Doing the most and the least all at once.

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They didn't have to do Bessie dirty like that.

Worst magic eye puzzle ever.

Enjoy your eye twitch.

Don't stare. Don't stare. It's fine. Look away.

Should have stopped 1000 bricks ago.

This stuff is dangerous.

Probably smells nice.

This is a seizure risk.

This is terrifying.

That's a load bearing shelf.


Lamp placement win.

Because why not?

Brilliant design.

One martini away from ankle surgery.

Perfect place for a toilet.

This is what giving up looks like.

Who needs privacy?

Ready for a bath?

Makes sense.


What do see here?

What do you see here? I see two lamp shadows.

15 thoughts on “Worst Interior Design Ideas Collected by “Please Hate These Things” Instagram”

  1. The fireplace in the 8th picture looks like it is from a room in Hogwarts. I’m waiting for it to start telling me some key exposition to move the plot along.

  2. I was thinking that maybe the pink one with a bathtub is at a bed and breakfast?
    Still ugly though.

  3. The pink one is an out-building of a B&B — it’s not that uncommon for B&B’s to have a honeymoon suite that isn’t connected to the rest of the structure. They are always extremely small spaces and they are often themed. It’s possible that this one started as a railroad caboose. That being said, I still wouldn’t want to stay there because the moisture from the bath would be just impossible to deal with in the rest of the space.

    In other news, I know we’re supposed to see the one with the green carpet and think of The Shining, but my first thought was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas — this room looks a lot more like that one. :D

  4. Having a bath in the bedroom isn’t a new thing. Still wouldn’t do it myself but.

  5. The bedroom/bath with the green carpeting: I don’t understand what’s on the ceiling. My first thought was a mirror, but it’s not reflecting the bed below. Is it a painting?

    And the one right before the chandelier offset from the medallion: can you imagine trying to clean that and not fall to your death? And what is that door-like thing hanging off the stairs? How does that work?

    The nipple lights are funny!

  6. The green carpet room does have a mirror above the bed. The reason it doesn’t reflect the bed is the angle of the photo.

    The door thing that is hanging off the stairs is made to flip down to become a walkway to the toilet. When finished in the toilet the user flips it back up so they can walk down the stairs.

  7. That green-carpeted Love Lair, though.
    Imagine it in daily life, used by a dude who would build such a thing. I would guess the carpet would be strewn and drains would all be clogged with “hair.” And due to the sheer number of mirrors, there’d never be a corner where a visitor would be able to escape seeing the owner’s fat, hairy-shouldered, gold-chained, naked body. Nightmare stuff.

  8. Some of these were planned (in case they were planned and not just built out of the blue) by people with mental disabilities. I don’t mean it as a joke or as an insult. The way some of these designs oversee privacy issues, security problems or human physical limits can reflect some mental hinderndes. Especially since most of them are very professionally made on a technical level.

  9. As a former tradesman (mason), there are so many things wrong here it hurts my brain. The bricks on the one fireplace caused me real psychological pain.

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