18 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Gallery of Otters In Hats”

  1. What does a “happy” otter look like? Are you an otter emotions expert? Are just a wet blanket?

  2. The equipment (incubator/warming box) likely means it is a wildlife rehab center. I would prefer to hear more about that and have fewer cute pictures, although bottom left of #11 isn’t bad.

  3. @anonymous #1: The next post has tortoises with similar accoutrements. You should go pitch a bitch about that too.

  4. – What do you call a sea otter with a carrot in each ear?
    – Anything you want, she can’t hear you.

  5. Why are we fighting about otters? I mean just enjoy the pics, don’t have to bitch about everything.

  6. Yes, otters are adorable, but they get extremely depressed in captivity. Not sure about the story behind these pictures, but I’d love to have an otter as a pet, but refuse to get one because it’s cruel. Let them be cute and happy… in the wild.

  7. I understand the captivity depression but for all we know this is the alaska sealife rescue center. They are still cute

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