Octopus Baby Onesie

To promote your child’s early childhood development, get started in this Octopus Baby Onesie. These sea dwellers belong to the smartest of animals, after all. It’s available in a one-size-fits-all, it’s made from high-quality sort plush and cotton, and is perfect for Halloween, weekend shenanigans, or Instagram posts that will make you look like a serious and responsible parent.

Octopus onesie.

The size of the octopus onesie is 47.24 inches (120 cm) and comes only in pink, so make sure that your kid will fit in before considering adding to cart, because it’s not cheap (around $100 + shipping). Too bad it doesn’t come in an adult sizes. Would be fun to take a nap dressed like that.

Octopus baby onesie.

Another great use for this thing would be as an outfit for when your baby starts to learn the first letters: “A is for Azathoth… B is for Bokrug… C is for CTHULHU!!!… … … K is for KRAKEN!!!”

Octopus onesie for a baby.

Anyways, if you feel like you are ready to throw away your hard-earned cash for this thing, you can get it on Grand Budapest Botique Etsy store. We bet this is a pain at diaper changes, though.

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  1. There actually exists a book called Monster ABC by Hazy Dell Press where C really is for Cthulhu!

  2. im going to get this for my ugly daughter, its so ugly and it will cover up her ugly self

  3. i HAVE to get this for my little brother! he´ll hate but it will be revenge for him breaking my nose sledding


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