Winter 2024 Nose Warmer Fashion Collection

Are you tired of your nose feeling like it’s on an arctic expedition every time winter rolls around? Well, fear not, because these cozy creations are here to rescue your schnoz! Say goodbye to the cold nose problem during winter forever… and do it with style! Introducing the 2024 winter collection from various Etsy crocheting gurus. Scroll down and choose your favorite!

Cat nose warmer.

This cat nose warmer is made by with extreme love and care. Look at how happy this woman looks! She’s obviously enjoying her fashionable and warm nose.

Panda nose warmer.

Don’t like cats? How about panda nose warmer from aunt Marty? Black and white never goes out of fashion and looks great with any outfit.

Frog nose warmer.

Wearing a frog on your nose might seem a strange idea at first, but it’s actually a clever and stylish way to keep your nose warm. According to who? According to us!

Red nose warmer.

Not into animals at all. Want to look like a clown instead? This plain red nose warmer might be just the thing you are looking for!

Dog nose warmer.

What better way to confuse your dog and make him think that you have completely lost your mind than by wearing another dog on your nose? This dog nose warmer is also great choice for cat owners who wants their cats to start attacking their faces.

Chicken nose warmer.

You probably enjoy chicken nuggets or chicken burgers. Why not also wear a chicken nose warmer? Smiling like you’re dead inside would be also a great added bonus.

Bear nose warmer.

You know what they say about bears. If it’s brown, lay down. If it’s black, fight back. If it’s white, you’re f**ked. If it’s one someone’s nose, just point and laugh.

Nose warmer.

Do you like this nose warmer? We are not sure what is this supposed to be. Looks like a mush of… something. The seller says that this is a pink camo nose warmer, but we thing that she looks like a burn victim.

Spider nose warmer.

Most people dislike spiders. Some are even afraid of them. But then there are few weirdos who dream about having a giant spider attached to their face. Are you one of them?

Love nose warmer.

Is there a better way to tell someone that you love them than giving them a nose warmer with a red heart? Definitely. But this option is available to you anyway.

Starfish nose warmer.

Starfish nose warmer? Why not. Add glitter for extra effect. Glitter is a great way to pollute our oceans and get those delicious microplastics into our food supply.

Pig nose warmer.

Have you ever been called a pig? Do you want to? Here’s your chance! With pig nose warmer you’ll be called a pig by strangers in no time. We suggest that you also oink really loudly to improve your chances.

Ladybug nose warmer.

If you feel like your nose is not red enough from the freezing winter wind alone, you can stick a ladybug nose warmer on it for extra effect.

Hedgehog nose warmer.

Hedgehogs are probably not the first thing that comes in mind when thinking about stuff to put your nose in. But with this hedgehog nose warmer you can find out what it feels like. P.S. Please don’t try this with a real hedgehog.

Pumpkin nose warmer.

Halloween pumpkin nose warmer is a great way to keep your snout warm during those chilly late October nights when you go out to raid your neighbor’s houses for candy. It also makes a great Halloween costume, because only a terrifying psychopath would actually wear this.

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5 thoughts on “Winter 2024 Nose Warmer Fashion Collection”

  1. NO. Unless you want to look like a clown. Then YES. Anyone surprises this nonsense comes from (regr)ETSY?

  2. This is both fashionable and elegant, as it prevents your snot from dripping onto the eggnog at the family xmas gathering.

  3. The suffering is real. I just want a smooth, quilted one. Maybe with a tiny hand-warmer insert. Not sure it would look better than me clutching my nose, but at least I could use both hands.
    Support your local quilter.


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