40 thoughts on “Cats Really Don’t Care About Your Privacy”

  1. Oranges are apparently not great respecters of privacy either, per last post. I would rather perform solutions with a grove of cats, than a clowder of valencias…

  2. To the person who says to shut the door… I have the option to suffer my cat’s companionship during bathroom time, or I can suffer his howling because he knows where I am but can’t see me. He’s a very needy boi.

  3. My cats are indoor cats. But I really don’t mind their intrusiveness. They’re all the more a joy to have!

  4. Very needy! If I was the first one up,they were put a paw under the door and yell until you let them so they won’t wake everyone else up! They’re like little kids! Have to know what you are doing! In my the cat has a routine she has to take a head count in the house to make sure everyone is in the house or she freaks ! Dogs and cats get use to a routine they feel safe that way.


  6. There is a hole in my bathroom wall just big enough for my cat to fit through. I am receiving so much bathroom assistance. Hoping my husband has time to patch the hole soon.

  7. What is it with cats having to lie on your pants while you are using the bathroom? Mine does the same thing.

  8. I have questions about several pictures and none of them include the cat. Like, why exactly does #3 have a keyboard under his foot in the bathroom?

  9. I have two cats and a two year old daughter who BRAKES the baby proofing stuff just so she can let my cat and herself into the bathroom with be because if they’re not in there the cat will start yeowling and my daughter will follow my cats lead and start screaming until I let them in, I’d rather deal with them in the bathroom then to have a headache from the both of them.

  10. One of our bathroom doors does not shut all the way, just sort of wedges into the frame. My cat throws all her weight against it until it swings open and walks in to greet me on the toilet. Thirty seconds later she walks out and I am across the room on the toilet with the door hanging open!

  11. My cat doesn’t know how to open the bathroom door just yet, but she slides her paw under the door to hold my foot whilst I’m on the toilet. Precious little animal <3

  12. #4 kinda gross, looks like she’s actually inviting kitty to look at her mog with legs over bath eeeeeewww

  13. Ya, I can’t go to the loo without Fergus following right behind me. Once he’s in, he’s staring right at me the whole time. Sometimes he will plop right next to my feet, kick me with his hind legs, this indicates he wants a belly rub. Other days he will just sit and stare at me, like he’s plotting.

  14. I haven’t had a shower without my cat for ages. She waits til the water is off (most of the time) then licks the warm shower water and sits on the warm tile. If I’m too slow, she starts meowing to move me out.

  15. Since moving out and having my own home 20 yrs now I have not used the bathroom on my own it’s been either cats or kids and atm it’s still cats and can’t use on my own

  16. They would get put in other room everytime until they learn. I would never get a cat only a dog they say better and more loyal. Only tolerate a cat if my wife or kids wanted one.

  17. is anyone else alarmed at how many people let there cats sit in the underwear whilst they use the toilet?
    Yes I have a cat and I would never let him sit in my underwear whilst I went to the bathroom

  18. My cat before sneak me when i taking a bath,but perhaps there is no malice on them,i think they are only curious for what u doing inside of the bathroom,.😅😅😅

  19. Cats seem to have rather specific preferences: Observing women while taking a bath. Observing men while taking s***.

  20. Funny photos, but what I’m wondering is not why these people let their cats into the bathroom with them – I’ve had cats, so I know – but why are they in the bath or shower, on the loo, with their cameras?

  21. Our cat waits till we are finished in the loo before she goes in there, then she sits for a moment, sniffs the air as if checking who was just in there. But she’s just seen us come out so what is she doing? I have no idea, she’s werd, but man is she in the right household. Lol

  22. My cat Boots can’t stand if I shit the bathroom door! He comes in and goes out if I push the door shut he comes right back in u til it stays open he will lay in front of it to make sure 🤣 love him tho

  23. Changed our convenient “cat operated swing door” for a pocket door. She (cat) is already working on how to slide it open.

  24. People, people, come on.

    Think about this. Do you want the next person you try to have sex with finding cat hair on your junk??

    That’s an awkward conversation you won’t want to have.

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