Introducing The All-new Apple Mug

New, improved, better than ever!


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  1. Lolfosor June 6, 2019

    I’ll get a second mortgage on my house and buy two!

  2. Debbie June 6, 2019

    This is actually only for professional coffee drinkers, not amateurs. So there you go… Completely justified price.

  3. Dandelionion June 6, 2019

    Can I buy just the $999 part?

  4. Anonymous June 6, 2019

    Dandelionion , unfortunately you can’t as it’ll only fir onto Apple approved mugs

  5. Nico Starlight June 6, 2019

    I like the older 666 version

  6. Balzaak June 6, 2019

    but you still need the iCoaster ($79) and iCoffee ($39 for 16oz) made in the iFrenchpress ($2999) if you really want to use this mug properly

  7. frank June 6, 2019

    and I glue for 200$

  8. Timothy June 6, 2019

    Also, we forgot: to connect the handle to the cup, there’s not simply a socket or a notch built into the cup. Instead you need a “dongle” to attach the handle to the cup. The “dongle” will be easy to lose; in fact, 98% of all purchasers will misplace the dongle within 1 month of receiving it. Replacement dongles only cost $199.99.

  9. Anonymous June 6, 2019

    OMG! Want!

  10. Anonymous June 6, 2019

    A real pro will just use that one handle forever and attach it to newer models of mug as they are available. Makes perfect sense.

  11. Qaso June 6, 2019

    Just wait for the apple mug 2 for the prices to go down. Then again, who knows if they intentionally made it so the ceramics would crack itself over time.

  12. Anonymous June 6, 2019

    And it only holds Apple-branded proprietary coffee.

  13. Reallyapple June 6, 2019

    When does it go on sale? I want to get my spot in line in front of the store early!

  14. Talos June 6, 2019

    Anonymous: sure, you might think that, but Apple Mug 3 is going to incorporate a whole new connection standard. Not only will you no longer be able to use your old handle (unless you want to buy a $30 adapter that makes the whole thing too bulky and awkward to be practical), but all the hundreds of 3rd party variant handles and accessories won’t fit either.

    Then they’ll do it again on the Apple Mug 6.

  15. Kate June 6, 2019

    Exclusively on GOOP

  16. DL June 6, 2019

    My journey with Apple: “IPod, IPhone, IPad, IMac, IPoor!” Now I can add, “IMugged!”

  17. Anonymous June 7, 2019

    I hope it doesn’t come with AirDrop preinstalled!!!

  18. Jamie June 7, 2019

    My Samsmug was only $1199 and it came with better coffee and a handle attached

  19. Laurent June 7, 2019

    And this is a mug for right-handed people only.

  20. Imraan June 7, 2019

    AppleCare+ on the iMug doesn’t cover spill damage.

  21. Anonymouse June 7, 2019

    @Laurent: The left hand version is available but costs $999 extra due to extra design, tooling and production costs.

  22. SN June 7, 2019

    It is the most powerful mug they’ve ever made. And if they hold true to form the iMug 6 will be 50x as powerful.

    And let us not forget it was built with the environment in mind and is completely recyclable:
    • Arsenic-free
    • Mercury-free
    • BFR-free
    • PVC-free
    • Beryllium-free

  23. Anonymous June 7, 2019

    You can also spend ONLY an extra 328$ for a warranty that doesn’t cover much and expires the moment the next mug model is invented

  24. Steve June 7, 2019

    I’m happy with my flip-mug, not ready to upgrade to a SmartMug

  25. Anonymous June 7, 2019

    Also, you can track any part of the i mug with itrack so that you don’t misplace it. By the way this app costs only $99 per month. Keep it updated always

  26. B2Rad June 7, 2019

    Slowly holds less coffee until iMug2 released. Only holds coffee at the exact prescribed temperature, otherwise the warranty is void.

  27. DLong June 7, 2019

    They wanted to call it the I-cup but then someone asked, “How do you spell that?”

  28. Anonymous June 8, 2019

    and you can drink only aple approved coffee with this mug

  29. Anonymous June 9, 2019

    Can I jailbreak this to accept tea?

  30. Buildyerown June 9, 2019

    I’m reading this ad. When can expect my bill for $300 to arrive? I need to budget for ad reading. Oh! I think reading comments is an extra $50 and posting is another $50? I have to remember to budget for the extras!

  31. Nighthawk June 9, 2019

    I’ll drop the additional $250 for the optional black turtleneck cozy. 😀

  32. Anonymous June 10, 2019

    I’m sure the connection will not fit anymore as it was with every new Firewire Cable:–(( Apple can you hear me, can you stop to change the connections with every generation, or it was my last APPLE damn!!!!!!

  33. Anonymous July 16, 2019


  34. Anonymous July 26, 2019

    The legendary icup

  35. He Who Must Not Be Named October 31, 2019

    yea, samsmug is much better

  36. Anonymous October 20, 2020

    yh but have u gotten the new samsmug

  37. A Samsung Employee March 4, 2021

    Don’t worry everyone, we can still get the Samsung Mug for $350 with handle attached and 1000% better coffee!

  38. Tea July 16, 2021

    Dear commenters:
    Don’t stop, you’re making my day!

  39. Tea July 16, 2021

    I don’t want an Apple product so I’m going with a Candroid.

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