15 Times Pets Unintentionally Sent Their Owners Into Panic Mode

There’s something about making sure your furry friend is safe and well that keeps us awake at night. Whether the pets are aware of this or not remains a mystery. But that’s not an excuse to play nerve-wracking tricks on their unsuspecting owners. We have compiled a chilling list that will make you look twice, and thrice, but it’s good to know this is not what it seems.

Corgi sleeping in dragon fruit.

when your cat decides to play with paprika powder...

Doggo almost gave me a heart attack.

What about this?

Dog vs. lipstick.

She didn't get into a fight with another dog, she got into tomatoes.

Bengal tiger.

He's ok.

Just a toy.


Dog vs. 3D printed pillow.

Where's the rest?!

It's a cat's toy.

Had to look twice.

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