The Funniest “My Toxic Trait Is…” Examples

Toxic traits are no good – they ruin relationships and make your life harder for you and for people around you. However, so of them are funny and very relatable. Curious to learn about what they might be? Scroll down to check them out and let us know about your toxic traits in the comments below!

My toxic trait is that if I came across a bear in the wilderness I think it would really appreciate little head scratches

perhaps my toxic trait is that I’m 100% convinced I can fight even though I am the size and density of a chipmunk

My toxic trait: Hmm, let me see if this food that normally hurts my stomach hurts my stomach TODAY.

my toxic trait is that I literally cannot tell the difference between heads of green cabbage and heads of iceberg lettuce and I’m actually barred from buying lettuce in our house now because I’ve bought so many cabbages by accident

My toxic trait is putting 2 and 2 together and believing whatever the fuck I come up with

My toxic trait is adding everything I see that is cute to my cart & then somehow typing my debit card info ????

my toxic trait is saying “on my way” and i’m not even close to being ready.

My toxic trait is knowing the truth before I ask bc I wanna see how good you lie

Creating a dating profile and deactivating it within ten minutes is my toxic trait.

My toxic trait is saying to myself “it’s only $20” 1700 times a week

my toxic trait is being productive for 20mins then giving myself a 2 hour break

My toxic trait is I genuinely think I could walk up to a lion and they would sense my wonderful vibes and not attack me

My toxic trait is going on Tik tok right when I’m about to go to bed

My toxic trait is thinking I need a caffineted drink every time I leave my house

my toxic trait is thinking i can change hot video game villains

My toxic trait is seeing every cute little box and wanting to save it “just incase” I ever need a cute little box

My toxic trait is thinking I need to buy a new outfit for every function

My toxic trait is too start thinking of starting a side hustle and then go to sleep

my toxic trait is at the thrift store i believe everything is my size

my toxic trait is not eating all day and then wanting to eat the entire house at 8 pm

my toxic trait is that i never speak up. i just get mad and distance myself until i’m not mad anymore.

my toxic trait is that i put sunscreen at night too.

My toxic trait is I feel like I could represent myself in court

my toxic trait: i'll wake up on time, but lay in bed until i'm late

10 thoughts on “The Funniest “My Toxic Trait Is…” Examples”

  1. My toxic trait is writing pithy epithets in the comment section and being pleased with myself.

  2. My toxic trait is a legitimate one.I badger people at my school till they watch a show I like ,and I overcharge them on the homework I do for them.

  3. My toxic trait is not listening to new music for at least 3 years for fear that I will get swept up in the hype and then realizing I’ve listened to songs on repeat for months despite not actually liking them.

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