16 thoughts on “Breaking News: Statues Have Started To Beat Up Humans!”

  1. @Huck
    Well, the ones in the US probably sued…*somebody* {shrug}. You know, for a) being injured by their own actions, b) claiming they felt discriminated against, or c) their freedom of speech was infringed upon/suppressed. The NRA would sue because, obviously, the statues had their firearms taken away. The Republicans would sue because the statues are “woke”. The Democrats wouldn’t sue: they’d try to pass a law that says all statues must represent all sexes, genders, and races.

  2. Do you people even try to find new content? This is what, the third time you’ve run this?

  3. Well someone has to give whiny folks like yourself something to bitch about. Be thankful and enjoy. The nerve of you people!

  4. This is definitely sad and useless because I have already seen this a couple of times on Sad and Useless. It has gone the way of Hollywood – always rehashing the same old tired stuff hoping that the sleepy hoi-polloi buy it.


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