12 thoughts on “Funny And Painfully Relatable Money Meme Gallery”

  1. I had the best crop ever of Paul Robeson Tomatoes last year. $6 for two plants. $3 fertilizer. 25 cents worth of water. $2 compost. What a huge loss. Go ahead and eat your cardboard store tomatoes, while I laugh diabolically.

  2. That first one… the same couple will be on another show where they completely remodel their three full bathrooms and large kitchen, all with high-end appliances, hardware, custom millwork, and luxurious materials in under three weeks for less than $25k.

  3. People think growing your own food is just to save money… No, the world is going to hell and I want to still have food while everyone else waits in line. Not to mention, I don’t really to eat lab grown fruit and vegetables…. Gross

  4. Do you even realize how expensive your fruits and vegetables would be if they were actually grown in a lab by scientists?

    Get real, it’s grown and harvested by people who make usually less than minimum wage.

  5. Right, a usable skill once the world goes to shit. And also- the genetically modified seeds you’re using will give you the same genetically modified tomatoes you buy at the store. The scientists already did their part and farmers are harvesting crops using those seeds. The more you know ;)

  6. I make $100k+ a year and I have to live in an apartment because you people bought all the houses and want $2m for a three bedroom because you tore all the carpet out and painted the walls gray.


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