Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

“Modern problems require modern solutions”. Those are the words of American stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle that has now been turned into a meme. Featured below are the funniest examples of these words applied to real-world events and situations. Scroll down and enjoy!

In 2013, a dad in China hired gamers to kill his son in video games so the son would start looking for a job and get a life.

Japanese police fire paint-balls at fleeing vehicles so that other police vehicles can see them and to identify them at a later date if they get away. The paint is Bright orange and difficult to remove.

Dorsa Derakhshani, an Iranian Chess player, was banned from playing for the Iran national team or in any tournament in Iran for not wearing a hijab. After the ban, she enrolled into Saint Louis University and began playing for the United States of America.

The FT reports this morning the way a Danish supermarket is stopping sanitiser hoarding. They charge $6 for the first bottle and $150 for each one after that. Put that in your bog roll.

In Colorado, Interstate 70 has a mile marker 419.99 because mile marker 420 kept getting stolen.

Modern problems require modern solutions.

After complaints about long baggage waiting times, Houston airport made the walk to baggage claim 6x longer. Complaints dropped to ~none.

A homeless man held up and robbed a bank for $1, then sat down and waited for police to arrest him so he could receive healthcare in prison.

Australian meth addict dresses up as cop and raids another drug user's home.

Couple recreate canceled cruise using TV in their living room.

#iraqProtest the Iraqi police brought in protection dogs to help, in response the Iraqi protesters brought in a LION

The South Park episode "Band in China," which fittingly caused the series to get banned in China, was publicly screened by protesters in the streets of Hong Kong.

Japanese store puts a curse on its toilet rolls to prevent thefts.

Modern problems require modern solutions.

School bans bags so boy turns up carrying books in microwave...

Airline tells lady her luggage is 2kg over weight limit, she proceeds to wear 2.5kg worth of clothes

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