This Miniature Chainsaw For Carving Turkeys Will Take Thanksgiving To The Next Level

Carving the turkey for Thanksgiving is a true honor for any man, and should be taken extremely seriously. Assuming you have no backup turkey, you have one opportunity to slice and carve it just perfectly, or your reputation with your family with be tainted forever. What better way to ensure you carve your Thanksgiving turkey properly and in the most manly way possible than with a chainsaw carving tool?

Turkey carving chainsaw.

The electric chainsaw turkey carving tool looks and acts like a real chainsaw, except it won’t actually cut wood, and it’s a much smaller version of its larger counterpart. Though a chain doesn’t wrap around the blade and spin like a real chainsaw, a small electric knife is on the bottom of the blade to make it look like it’s working like a real chainsaw.

Turkey carving chainsaw.

Made with stainless steel cutting blades along with an ABS plastic body, the chainsaw inspired turkey carving tool is not only great for cutting turkeys and other birds, but is also useful for cutting melons, pineapples, potatoes, breads, and more.

Chainsaw knife.

Turkey carving chainsaw.

Turkey carving chainsaw.

Turkey carving chainsaw.

Turkey carving chainsaw.

If you feel like this is something you would want to spend money on, you can get this weird kitchen tool on Amazon.


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  1. Anonymous November 21, 2021

    My parents had one of these electric carving knives in the 1980s, exactly the same but without the totally bs plasticky ‘chainsaw’ decoration.

  2. Fahrenheit 451 November 22, 2021

    instead of buying books, people keep buying crap.

  3. Al-nonymous November 22, 2021

    @ Farenheit 451: Can’t grow crops without crap! We call it “fertilizer.”

  4. For those too lazy to use a real knife November 22, 2021

    But do not seem to mind the aged turkey goop that they will have to clean out of this useless contraption once the hideous stench of rotten turkey corpse starts to permeate the pantry.

  5. Real American November 22, 2021

    Most people can’t afford a Turkey thanks to Joe Biden’s inflation economy!

  6. Anonymous November 22, 2021

    You can’t afford a turkey? Turkeys are running at $.49 a pound

  7. Anonymous November 24, 2021

    if you donot want a turkey you should keep to your self why do you blane Biden for evrythink

  8. Anonymous November 30, 2021

    People can’t afford a turkey – that’s rich! Don’t blame Biden for everything – this is a mess left by an former & oranger President!

  9. Anonymous December 23, 2021

    Oh, stop the political bullshit.

    Neither side has a fricking clue. If they did, shit would have been fixed a hundred years ago.

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