Mental Health Tweets That Will Make You Laugh, Then Cry

Isn’t it awesome that we live in an age when going to therapy isn’t frowned upon anymore? And humor is actually a pretty good tool – laughing at your problems and with others can remedy even some of the biggest psychological wounds. Scroll down to see some of the funniest mental health tweets!

therapist: how have you been coping with everything me: with sarcasm mostly therapist: has that been working me: yeah it's been super great

I feel you, vending machine, I feel you.

Sometimes, just to annoy my Therapist, I'll ask him; "so how does my lack of progress make you feel?"

The Sims really had me believing I’d start my adult life w 20 thousand dollars and an empty plot of land instead of insurmountable debt and crippling depression lol

Therapist: Your mother is so overprotective she is the cause of your issues connecting to women emotionally Me: Well yo mama so stupid she tried to climb Mountain Dew

"can u multitask" yes actually i am losing my mind and chilling at the same time

My therapist when I reference advice I got from a 16 year old tarot reader on Tik tok

the dentist just asked me to open up and now I can’t stop crying

Seasonal depression can be extra tough in L.A., because there’s only one season.

let me get this straight depression/anxiety/adhd/chronic illness will make me not have the energy to take care of myself, but the only way for me to feel better is to take care of myself? what a scam

I just told a story at work about my childhood that I thought was really funny but now everyone is super quiet and someone said I’m so sorry

All I ask is for you to get to know me on a deep, intimate level while I resist and obstruct your every attempt to do so

if you can't handle me at my depression then you don’t deserve me at my SURPRISE! it's anxiety now

Therapist: so what actions did you take this week to help release dopamine in your brain? Me: i shared a bunch of memes on the internet so i could feel validated. Therapist: *sprays me with water bottle*

me: i have depression twitter psychologists: don’t be sad :) have u tried drinking more water? :)

ME: I just feel like “pizza party” should refer to pizzas having a party. Humans having pizza at a party should just be a party with pizza. Does that make sense to you? THERAPIST: I think we should meet more often

Depression is like a frat guy who lives in your head. "Hey, what's up, loser? You writing a novel? LOL. That's cute you're trying, fatty."

imagine ur card declines at the therapist and they start gaslighting u

To child: The good news is that when you're a grownup, you can eat ice cream for dinner. The bad news is that it's because you're depressed.

thinking about the time my ex demanded I see a therapist and then the therapist told me to dump him

i suffer from depression, or as my father puts it "no i don't."

Me: hey are you gonna act up today My anxiety:

Therapy -Expensive -Years of hard work -Emotionaly draining -Tough to find Screaming in the woods -Free -Immediate relief -Scares hunters enough to leave therefore saving innocent animals -Potential to make friends with people who are also screaming in the woods

10 thoughts on “Mental Health Tweets That Will Make You Laugh, Then Cry”

  1. I can totally relate to the one with funny stories about their childhood. Who knew that therapists could be such incredible killjoys?

    Me: No, no…don’t see how hilarious that is!?!

    Therapist: [mouth tightens]


  2. Therapy;

    Listening to sad songs;
    —Really amazing it just expresses how i feel i don’t really know how to explain but it just makes me forget about everything and just let’s my tears roll down my cheeks in patience and it doesn’t judge me in any way I feel comfortable around it or that I’m addicted to music in any way it just lets me be

  3. Therapy is helpful. But I think a society in which empathy is positively rewarded might be even more helpful. Especially because the number one reason for depression and anxiety is poverty and therapy is f*cking expensive.

  4. This made me laugh. I’ve never been to therapy, but I used to listen to Pink Floyd until I was so depressed I couldn’t get any lower, and then things started looking up. Though I wouldn’t recommend it, it worked for me back in college.

  5. What does it say about me that I’ve reduced more than two therapists to tears and told to get out and stay out?

  6. I searched Mathew 10:29-31.
    Dude I don’t know much about god, but the number one humanity problem is that every living being is reduced to its worth in pennies. It’s unfortunate to know it was already true since over 2000 years ago.

  7. I was blessed with some good therapists, thank God, but had a few lousy ones: ones with no actual life experience in the issues who were working “out of a book”, so to speak. Find one who gently leads you to your own understanding, rather than tells you ‘how it is’. When you hear the words come from your own mouth, it can be a breakthrough moment. God bless. (Trigger expression for the perpetually unhappy useful idiots?)

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