18 thoughts on “Macaulay Culkin Might Be One Of The Funniest People On Twitter”

  1. Macaulay Kulkin, Seriously?…it’s really sad when your greatest claim to fame is as the Home Alone Kid and the fact you have been and will continue to try to Capitalize on that for the rest of your life! Get off the drugs pal, grow up and join the real world in anonymity, working our asses off just trying to get the bills paid on time,
    food in our kids belly’s and to keep a roof over our heads, and you think you’ve done something significant enough to warrant the attention You Want? Wake up and smell the Roses, you need a SRA: Severe Reality Adjustment. Good Luck, You’re Gonna Neet It! Lol

  2. At least he’s done one thing in his life. What about you, Veronica B? And you’re a household name because of …….. what exactly?

  3. He actually struggled as an actor, as no one took him seriously, and any money he did make was taken by his parents, so get your facts right Veronica B, before you insult someone very popular

  4. Stats the person who can’t even spell, and is too stupid to say hahaha, rather than LOL, and anyway, it’s kinda sad you would waste your time dragging that out so long, I mean a lot of people wouldn’t even have bothered reading that, I admit not many will bother reading this, but at least I ain’t spewing hate speech against a good actor.

  5. I just looked up Veronica B, and it’s the name of a ship, no wonder Veronica B hates McCauley culkin, it’s jealous that they never abandoned Kevin McAllister on a boat!

  6. And let me just say, those last 5 comments, I made them.
    That’s right. Even the Destroyer Of World’s thinks your an idiot.

  7. What a buncha Negative Nellie’s there are on here! Your bummer comments say more about you than they do about Macaulay. I’ve researched him a bunch, and he’s a good person on the inside. Maybe try and follow suit, eh?

  8. @Veronica B
    Just… back off, darling. No need to get worked up. Dear, what’s your claim to fame, I would like to inquire? Oh yeah, you have one. When you wrote a comment on a post in Sad and Useless, except that’s not fame, that’s infamy.

  9. Give the guy a break, his most famous movies got him typecast as the “Home Alone” kid, basically destroyed his acting career, and now the only other thing he’s famous for is being the only child to deny Micheal Jackson had sex with him. I’ve done drugs for lesser reasons.

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