Pigeons Make The Laziest Nests!

Pigeons are notoriously lazy, and will give the minimum effort needed to take care of the eggs. They spend most of their time just having fun flying around like teenagers on dirt bikes, wearing bling, and get really resentful about having to raise kids. Well, who could blame them – baby pigeons are ugly as sin.

Lazy pigeon nest.

Lazy pigeon nest.

Lazy pigeon nest.

Lazy pigeon nest.

Very lazy nest.

Lazy pigeon nest.

Pigeons don't care.

Nest fail.

Pigeon nest fail.

Lazy nest.

Laziest pigeon nest ever.


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  1. Nicol November 6, 2021

    These are not nests they are statements!

  2. Bindi November 6, 2021

    Amazing there are so many pigeons with these perilous nesting habits.

  3. Toothless Joe November 6, 2021

    With rats being the only concern for city-dwelling pigeons, there’s really no need for nests at all and yet the form of the nest lives on long after the function is gone.

  4. Anonymous November 7, 2021

    I just thought about it the other day. Pigeons are slow, fat, not very intelligent, and now I learn they are shitty parents as well. And yet instead of extinction they prosperous all around the globe. they are like the Trump voters of the animal kingdom

  5. Anonymous November 9, 2021

    They are also delicious.

  6. Curious November 17, 2021

    They are Millennial pigeons. Don’t want to work but complain they can’t afford a nice home.

  7. Paul Robinson November 20, 2021

    Ex pat Northern Irish livin in France for over a decade, and being an observer of all things flying (and crappin on me heid) turtle doves, town pigeons, and wood pigeons are thick as champ ffs. All the same with half a dozen twigs, a few cigarette butts (that is a bit smart tho, as keeps the parasites away, with the stink). But wait – next spring nearly all birds’ nests will be carpeted with anti Covid masks! There will be less eggs, and chicks lost, and we’re going to be overrun with pigeons, and gulls, both doubly incontenent, like flyin rats. Forget the UFOs, don’t look to the skies, or ye’ll be blind by all the fallin crap!!

  8. medalfan26 December 17, 2021

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