Funniest Reactions To Prince Charles Becoming a King

After Queen Elizabeth passed away on September 8, 2022, her son, Prince Charles assumed the throne and began his reign as King Charles almost immediately thereafter. Since we have been assured the Queen’s corgis are ok, we can turn our focus to more pressing matters. Like the best King Charles memes and and Twitter reactions so far.

The artist formerly known as Prince.

Yes, the King Charles memes are already out.

Can't believe they are going to make a MAN queen. This woke nonsense has gone too far.

oi nah apple pay it is

Nations, everyone in England is distracted. It’s the perfect time to get your stuff back from the British Museum.

King Charles on LinkedIn today:

Is it too soon to say “ How are they going to fit King Charles ears on the stamps”.

RIP, Queen. My condolences, King Charles. So long, classic meme.

imagine starting a new job at 73. i would be livid

King Charles: What We Got / What We Want

oh so they're just GIVING the throne to charles????? this is nepotism at its finest

TONIGHT: a brand new bombshell enters the villa

Gonna be impossible to say the words King Charles without adding the word Spaniel on the end I’m afraid

the only king charles i’ll respect

NEWS: King Charles III rebrands to Charles3 as the monarchy makes its metaverse debut

in order for me to recognize Prince Charles as King Charles I'll first require 2 letters from different psychiatrists who have been treating his king status for over a year if not more, stating that he is indeed a king and that it isn't a fetish or a fad or him faking it

King Charles I: Dissolved Parliament King Charles II: Dissolved Parliament King Charles III:

If the British can make Charles the King of England then we Americans can make Trump the Queen of Leavenworth.

I read that we are going to get a king. But I've been in enough hotel rooms to know he'll probably just be two singles strapped together.

Dont sweat it if you havent found a job yet. King Charles is 73 and he started his first job today.

King Charles gonna log on Twitter and see some of these memes and start WW3 if y’all don’t settle down

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12 thoughts on “Funniest Reactions To Prince Charles Becoming a King”

  1. Leaking pen not a good omen for him. He forgot about tripping in the steps at the wedding alter while rehearsing. Everything ended in disaster.

  2. We need to rid our society of these dinosaur parasites….they are even exempt from the freedom of information act? WTF ? These people have no future purpose in a society where politicians speak of “social justice”…..there will be none until we get rid of the veil over the republic of our constitution….get rid and get on with it…..former colonies are allowed and have got rid of the queen as head of state why can’t the UK decide through a referendum? Change is coming…just a question of when…. let’s get on with it….

  3. getting rid of the monarchy in the uk might be a bit like getting rid of health insurance profiteers in the us. what will we do with all those newly .. .. underutilized people?

    is it cheaper to have a king in the long run?

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