12 thoughts on “Cats That Look Completely Unprepared For The Realities of Parenthood”

  1. OMG, these pics are great! My favorites are the moms with a baby sitting on their head. And I laughed at the mommy cats who were sprawled out on their backs with their babies all nursing. They look like I sometimes felt when my first baby left me sleepless and exhausted. But there are TOO many kittens! Please get your kitties spayed or neutered. Unwanted and feral kittens never have good lives. Every kitty deserves a safe, loving home.

  2. Why is everyone so sure all the adults are mothers? Obviously the ones feeding there babies or get ultrasounds are mothers but many kittens born to house cats live with their mother and father. And why are 2 out of the only 3 comments with dislikes about desexing your cats, it is a fact that the world already has to many cats for families to look after, we don’t need more feral cats living bad lives and kill native wildlife.

    On a brighter note, look at the little cute kitty-cats!!! their so cute!!! I just wanna hold em and pet em and love em and AHHHHHH TOO CUTE!!! FLUFFY BABIES!!!!!!!! I’M GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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