21 thoughts on ““Jesus Is Everywhere” Site Photoshops Jesus In Everyday Situations”

  1. Tacky, tasteless, but somehow entertaining. Jason is right, if this were mohamed, the publisher would be dead.

  2. So what does Mohammed look like? No representations of him. Jesus really is everywhere: few people don’t have an idea of what he is supposed to look like.

  3. @the triggered xians…
    1. Jesus was a brown-haired white guy? Riiiiight…
    2. At least there’s actual historical evidence that the murderous, pedophile Muhammad existed.
    3. Screw all y’all if you can’t take a joke.

  4. I recently made a sculpture of the prophet Muhammed. It took four flushes to get rid of it, and it overflowed my toilet.

  5. He’s not as dark skinned as I would have expected him to be, coming from the middle east!!!!

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