Funny And Very Relatable Introvert Memes

Are you an introvert or know someone who is? These funny introvert memes will be very relatable to you. But we are not trying to be mean, it’s important to remember that despite social awkwardness, introverts possess unique talents and strengths that often go unnoticed. Let’s celebrate and embrace the introverted nature, and never underestimate the power of quiet reflection and solitude. Cheers!

How introverts make friends.

me googling the number that called me instead of answering it like an adult

When someone tries to get to know me

What my neighbor sees as i get out of my home every 2 weeks to get my Amazon delivery:

The perfect doormat doesn't exi...

I felt this on a spiritual level

"What's your favorite poem?" Me:

Me : about to leave a bench Person : "sits next to me" Me: "waiting a few extra minutes before leaving so i don't hurt that person feelings"

me ignoring everyone until I’m in a good mood to talk

my friendship circle over the years

When your mum's on the phone with a relative and says "oh, he's right here do you want to talk to him?" Me:

Introverts when the elevator doors close before anyone can get in.

When you're at party and you only know one person

Me when i'm finally finished doing everything by myself instead of simply asking for help

Teacher: Now break off into groups for the next part of class Introverts:

when you've done your fake laugh three times already and they keep talking

When two introverts meet and ironically act like extroverts with each other

Me trying to make eye contact with the waiter so that he takes my order because I'm too shy to call him.

“what do you do for fun” me:

"We are going to go around the room in alphabetical order. Tell us a little about yourself."

When an introvert is forced to call someone and they don’t pick up.

Me pretending to need something else at the store until the person moves away from the stuff i actually need

When you say bye to someone and both of you leave in the same direction

My new business cards just arrived.

9 thoughts on “Funny And Very Relatable Introvert Memes”

  1. As Roger Moore said in the movie “Ffolkes” (since renamed “North Sea Hijack”), “I prefer the company of cats.” I can wholly attest! The older I am getting… I don’t want to say I am becoming introverted, I’m just… much less tolerant of the company of humans.

    My Friendship Circle has certainly evolved, but to two cats.

  2. The most relatable line in history of cartoons: “You know I hate these things. Talking to people, waving to people, people.”

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