15 thoughts on ““Humans of Capitalism”: Sad And Funny Instagram Account”

  1. Since her college indoctrination, my daughter loves to do this: blame all the world’s ills on “capitalism.” What I see here is not capitalism, but love of self and mockery of faith. Entire generations becoming sad and useless.

    Happy Monday.

  2. Dear Mr. Name, this is capitalism. This is no mockery to faith, this is today’s faith. This is no love to self, this is lack of self and the loneliness and fears that come with it.
    Yes, the young generations have problems and they are not free of mistakes. But the way you talk about your daughter, without acknowledging the fact that you are her father and that you are responsible of her education, says quite a lot about who you are and about what is capitalism.
    Please take note that I do not blame your generation. Your generation sucks, but it is only because there are so many individuals who hold a similar point of view as yourself. There are also many individuals in your generation who are critic towards their surroundings and take responsibility for their actions. Unfortunately though, most of the individuals in your generation are idiotically patriotic and loves money more than their well educated daughters.

  3. Anonymous: Clearly you’ve never raised a child to adulthood. You have no idea the ill influences a child will veer toward regardless of the nurturing of the parents. Sadly, it sounds like you and she would get along swimmingly. You share the same sense of entitlement and arrogance of a generation that puts all their trust in social media, Reddit, and Wikipedia.

  4. I like the way they put “pay” in quotes as if it weren’t really pay but a euphemism.

  5. That chick sunbathing in traffic? That’s just gross. All that dust and crud settling on her. Not to mention the milkshake I’d really have to throw out the window at exactly that moment.

  6. @Cheddar…Holes
    Your comment brings to mind the old Soviet joke: “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work!”

    This is where we’re at these days. Yes, we have sold out our humanity for a few scraps thrown to us by our oligarch overlords.

  7. I’m guessing that “Humans of Socialism” would look something like Scandinavia.

    Considering that the World Happiness Report ranked half of their top ten with Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland year after year, that might give some indication of what that Instagram account would look like, Mr. Anonymous.

  8. Those who complain about communism don’t know what it is, and will do EVERYTHING in their power to never actually read Marx because they may risk being proven wrong.

    But more importantly, those who celebrate Capitalism are especially ignorant because they’re bootlickers for their corporate overlords.

    As far as the moron who can’t raise their daughter. Don’t give us complaints about how difficult it is to raise a child under Capitalism. As you capitalist bootlickers often say—take some personal responsibility.

  9. As far as I understand, this homepage is mostly irony. All these political comments here – are not sad and useless. Are they?

    Don’t panic.

  10. five pillars of dignity:

    health care

    convince me that fettered free markets can satisfactorily address these. examples welcome.

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