What If Giant Cats Lived Among Us?

Have you ever imagined what would the world look like if it was inhabited by kittens the size of a large building? Indonesian artist F. Muafidin has done just that and the result is spectacular.

Huge lazy cat.

Huge lazy cat chilling.

Godzilla kitten.

This is why Pisa tower doesn't stand straight.

Giant cat enjoying a cruise vacation.

Giant cat messing up the traffic.

Cat King Kong vs. army.

Giant cat blocking the tunnel entry.

Giant kitten has found a new scartch post.

Giant kitten vs. London.

Giant sleepy cat.

Giant cat blocking the traffic.

If giant cats lived among us?

Giant cat blocking the traffic.

Giant cat awkwardly sitting on a building.

Giant kitten attacking the city.

Giant kitten climbing towers.

Giant kitten in the city.

Huge kitten blocking the traffic.

Huge cat on a cruise.

Giant cat taking a nap.

32 thoughts on “What If Giant Cats Lived Among Us?”

  1. Hilarious!! Absolutely Hilarious!! My concern would be where would we be if we had to feed these gargantuan felines; AND, what do you do with the feces and urine, OR, how would you deal with it!!!

  2. hehe. being a cat owner myself, i can testify that in a few days, the oceans would be gone, and be replaces by a makeshift catbox. yuck!

  3. pls dont do this with dogs, and all a terrorist organization would have to do is sprinkle catnip everywhere

  4. please STOP! with the COMENTS everybody!,okay,like,no one cares about your stuff! i highly suggest that you stop! like now(end of conversation.)!!!

  5. Aiden shut up no one cares about what you say we’ll still comment about the cats because the cats are cute

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