35 thoughts on “Dad Continues to Recreate Son’s Drawings Into Hilarious Real-Life Counterparts”

  1. Love them! Keep encouraging your son to be creative (like his Dad). Oh, and I want to adopt the brown puppy at then end :)

  2. Pls help me I’m laughing and standing behind my couch terrified. I love em all. I want that panda 🐼. 6 arms yea!

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  4. is it just me, or do some of these seem like First Drafts for actual animals… like, a Creator deity was just starting to flex its powers, getting the hang of building critters, and was practicing the details…
    “Teeth, check… Eyes, check… Limbs… well, for now just some little sticks will do fine, they’re just placeholders… head and body, check (proportions don’t matter yet, after all)… Hmm, maybe I should elongate this one a little more, but keep that animal all right angles… yeah, and this guy is smilin’, he’s a happy little guy…”

  5. LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!! Every time I get on my computer at home this is the first website I go to!!! You should make more!!

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