Hoarder Cats That Don’t Even Realize They Have a Problem

Cats always seem to be cool and composed, but they can be just as neurotic as we are. Some cats are hoarders, and will collect piles of toys, bottle caps, or hairbands in their owners’ homes. Why do you think they do it? Let us know in the comments below!

I found his stash… He looks guilty.
As reported by sakuraalol

My mom couldn't figure out where all the cat toys had gone. She moved the couch to vacuum today...
As reported by shoombabi

Hoarder cat caught red handed.
As reported by wolverine213

Moved the fridge and found his stash.
As reported by bullpendodger

Found Ciri’s toy stash under the fridge.
As reported by xylia13

Our cat steals and hoards bottle caps. Found his stash while cleaning...
As reported by devvy_downer

I just moved Kwelis litter box and found his stash!
As reported by reluctantlyjoining

Hoarder cat.
As reported by betasp

I found his stash. He's so very proud.
As reported by Kaney_Kitty

Found my cat's bottlecap stash.
As reported by CatsDontLikeFancy

In the process of moving, I found her stash.
As reported by chrissydee123

Regi was pretty embarrassed when I found his secret stash of foil balls.
As reported by Folcra

We found my cat's stash under the fridge...
As reported by Yellowchowda

Dexter loves to hoard his toys.
As reported by Space-Oddities

Found her stash.
As reported by ahoraesnunca

Since he arrived, we've had to hide our hairbands because he likes to hunt them down and use as a chew toy. Yesterday, whilst cleaning the kitchen we found his stash under the fridge.
As reported by Erick_Pineapple

Sadie is a chapstick thief. Today I found her stash.
As reported by nickynips

The cat is delighted we moved the couch so he could get at his stash.
As reported by Prid

Items found in my cat's inventory stash under the couch.
As reported by deleted

Butters' stash.
As reported by guyfisher

Frida has been with us a little over 3 months. Here's the assortment of items she has already managed to steal from us and stash under the wardrobe.
As reported by tennybrains

I found this stash under our couch.
As reported by katie62010

6 thoughts on “Hoarder Cats That Don’t Even Realize They Have a Problem”

  1. I’m a little shocked at all the items that are so small they could be swallowed, especially the hair ties. Anyone who has a pet should keep these in a non-accessible place. Having said that…

  2. Many of these items got rolled under something heavy where the cat couldn’t get to them. However, the socks where likely purposely stashed for later enjoyment. Mountain lions sometimes bury their kills to keep off scavengers so they can come back later and eat more.

  3. Well if one does choke to death on something small like that, it certainly won’t do it again. Self limiting issue.

  4. I suspect they are just trying to be like their human companions.. “See, Hoo-man, I can haz colllectionz, too!”

    I also suspect whales beach themselves as part of a viral pelagic prank. They do it just for the lolz.

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