Extreme Hipsters: People Who Took Hipsterism To a Whole New Level

If you think you can out-hipster these people, then you’re probably wrong. These are no regular hipsters, these people have taken hipsterism to a whole new level.

The king of hipsters.

Hipster writing his deep poetry/

Hipster fashion on public display.

Crazy hipster getting an eyeglasses tattoo.

The whole new level of hipsterism.

Hipster parked near the Apple store.

Have you ever seen a hipster on a camel. Now you have.

Meanwhile in hipster store...

Hipster writing poetry at the beach.

Hipster fashion.

A picture of hipsters taking a picture of food.

Hipster with her pet.

Latest hipster fashion.

Hipster writing his blog.

Hipster in a subway.

Couple of hipsters.

Couple of hipsters hanging out.

Hipster walking his dog.

Hipster listening to music at the cafe.

Hipster writing his blog.

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20 thoughts on “Extreme Hipsters: People Who Took Hipsterism To a Whole New Level”

  1. Fairly certain the photographing food one is just shooting for promotional purposes for the restaurant…

  2. I’m moving to Seattle, am I just gonna WTF like all the time?! What’s with the tights?! And the bare feet?!

  3. Seriously? Typewriters are coming back?
    As someone who had no other option but to use a typewriter, I would like to smack these dimwits.

  4. Barefoot on the train? I hope you like diseases and feet that are dirtier and stickier than the floors of movie theaters. That’s not hip, that’s just gross.

  5. I’d love to know what these people do for a living, unless it’s sucking off the gov’t welfare, which is what they look like…

  6. notiiiice meeee im sooo unniiuuuqueeee

    this is social signaling at its worst. retards attracting other retards. i can smell the lack of deodorant through the monitor somehow

  7. Notice how you never see any hipsters drinking water in any of those pictures. You want, waters to mainstream for hipsters.

  8. yet another example of commenters taking every opportunity to look down their noses at someone, nay anyone, else. betcha they’re mostly boomers


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