Wallace And Gromit Dog Toy – Brilliant Invention!

This brilliant toy is shaped like a big giant Wallace mouth, and when positioned just right in your dog’s mouth, will make your dog look like a complete goof, even more than he already does on a day-to-day basis. It has a ball like area on the back of the mouth for your dog to hold on to it, and includes a squeaker toy inside of it, so your dog can annoy you with never-ending squeaking.

Wallace and Gromit dog toy.

Wallace and Gromit dog toy.

It’s made from soft latex and measures 5.5 inches (14 cm) wide. They’re selling this stupid thing on Amazon, however it’s currently unavailable. Let us know in the comments if you find where to get it online.

Wallace and Gromit dog toy.

Wallace and Gromit dog toy.

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3 thoughts on “Wallace And Gromit Dog Toy – Brilliant Invention!”

  1. Very British! Now, what about a turtle shell for dogs’ backs to make them look like a teenage mutant ninja turtle?

  2. Did you read the reviews on Amazon? I’m thinking it’s highly doubtful that it will be back as it has a strong odor and one reviewer said their dog became ill after having it in her mouth, she got sick several times apparently. Another reviewer said that it gets extremely slimey, not like normal. All said that it stinks bad and it’s made of thin latex. If it comes back available I won’t be wasting my money on it, I love my dog far too much.

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