Meet “Hide The Pain Harold”

“Hide The Pain Harold” is a stock photography model who has gained popularity as a meme thanks largely to his unique smile, which seems to emulate someone who struggles daily to not let his inner pain show… but the smile can only hide so much. Scroll down to find out more about Harold’s life.

This is Harold.

Harold struggles daily to not let his inner pain show, but the smile can only hide so much.

Harold sometimes seeks company to drown his sorrows.

More often than not, Harold eats alone. He just can't stand her.

Harold can't bring himself to leave the table this morning. Better call in late.

Harold reads the newspaper. 17 killed in a robbery. He can't help but chuckle.

Back at home, Harold sits down to play some cards.

Harold knows this bitch is cheating. Look at those aces.

Better drink away your problems, right Harold?

To relax, Harold sometimes works on projects around the house. Harold likes that.

Unfortunately, his dementia is getting to him. That isn't a wall, Harold.

Harold isn't a licensed practitioner. He doesn't understand why these people gave him a coat and clipboard.

Harold's back pain is troubling him, but he doubts anyone can help resolve the turmoil within his heart.

Harold considers his physique acceptable, but not satisfactory.

Harold is inflexible, both within his body and his beliefs.

Pills are Harold's sweet release.

Prescription only? Harold doesn't give a shit.

Once you pop the top, you just can't stop, Harold.

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  1. Harold is brilliant combination of existential torment and casual disregard to sane and responsible behavior. “Prescription only? Harold doesn’t give a shit” and that is just one of many hilarious things Harold is. Life is painful, but luckily Harold makes it real.

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