This Instagram Account Collects The Saddest-Sounding Places On Earth

Some places in the world have strange, sad names. @SadTopographies makes sure we don’t forget about them. For those who doesn’t feel depressed enough after scrolling trough their Instagram account, there’s also a book available on Amazon. Just in time for Christmas, right?

Depressed Lake.


Hopeless Way.

Point No Point.

Pain Lane and Suffering Lane.

Useless Islands.

Pointless Mountain.

Agony Island.

Road To Misery.

Cape Disappointment.

Pity Me.

Bowl of Tears.

Why Me Lord Lane.

Failure Canyon.

Sad Road.

Mistake Island.

Friendless Lane.

Unfortunate Cove.

Desperation Drive and Solitude Way.

Miserable Lake.

Crying Child Island.



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  1. scrooble December 3, 2018

    forgot to mention
    Trump’s America

  2. scooble’s daddy December 4, 2018

    President Trump, living rent-free in your brain for the next six years. Enjoy.

  3. Magoogoo December 4, 2018

    Trump living another six years, that’s optimistic.

  4. Anonymous December 4, 2018

    And there’s the town “Worse is Nothing” in Chile:

  5. Anonymous December 4, 2018

    Pain Court – Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada (actually a french name… but saying it how it looks in English is funny

  6. Anonymous December 4, 2018

    Dead Baby Head Mt, Texas

  7. Anonymous December 4, 2018
  8. Anonymous December 4, 2018

    Punished Woman’s Lake, South Dakota.

  9. Anonymous December 5, 2018

    Hell, Michigan

  10. Hooman December 21, 2018

    Are these places even real?

  11. Elise December 29, 2018

    I found “break your faith” street in St Renan, France (rue Casse-la-Foi) – Didn’t rent…

  12. Anonymous January 13, 2019

    The village of Elend (misery), next to Sorge (sorrows), in the German Harz mountains.

  13. Not knowing June 18, 2019

    Oh you forgot about emptyness Dr. spring Cypress Texas

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