45 thoughts on “Cats Wearing Hats Made From Their Own Hair”

  1. How much fur do these cat’s lose to give him enough to make all of those hats ? They’re wonderful though.

  2. Wow, incredible! ♥️ Recycled cat fur, how does he do it? 🐈 I feel like such a lazy cat owner now😂

  3. I tried crocheting with car hair once, and it looked nice but kind of pulled apart easily, as I’m not up on spinning cat fleece into cat wool. These ar felted hats, likely more sturdy than my sad attempts.

  4. Actually, I was thinking they didn’t really look all that annoyed — and why not? Maybe they actually like their hats! Years and years of cats and I didn’t think to do this even once? Darn.

  5. Somehow I get the feeling that he may use something more than just Kitty hair to build these hats🤔

  6. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Very contented cats & adorable creativity, thanks for sharing a little lighthearted fun.

  7. it’s felting and it’s nicely done, and @yukterez some cats like things others don’t. just because your cats wouldn’t tolerate a hat doesn’t mean others wouldn’t, I’ve had some weird cats trust me.

  8. How does he get the cats to sit with them on long enough to get the pictures? Our would be off like a shot the moment you tried to put them on. LOL

  9. I love these. Please let us know if you decide to publish a book of all these magnificent cats and their magnificent felted cat hair hats. I would buy one in an instant.

  10. Love them, very creative and I couldn’t help noticing how clean the floors are! Not a cat hair in sight

  11. We saved all the cat hair from brushing and grooming our cats. Had it spun into yarn. Then knitted a suit. But I could not wear it. It picked up blue serge.

  12. How do you get the cats to not only let you put those hats on…but to leave them on and sit still with them? Mine would never do that ! It’s cute amd the cats are absolutely adorable but I think it’s sort of mean to do that to the cat no?

  13. How clever. Try getting cat fur off your carpet and you will know how well it can felt. My cat can remove her collar so knocking off a hat if the cat did not like it will be easy. Combing cats helps stop fur ball build up and digestive problems. If only my cat would sit for longer.

  14. They are pampered indeed. I’m sure the amount of brushing they get benefits them all! They look like proper fashion models too, very nonplussed and haughty. Certainly they look eduCATed in millinary designs. The owner was absolutely dediCATed to their being fashionable. Their admirers would always be plaCATed by their beauty. They also would be easily loCATed ina crowd of others kitties. I advoCATe these hats 100%! Though I think they obsfuCATe the purr-pose of having them by making it difficult to scratch their adorable heads. XO

  15. The cats look to be Scottish Folds (a breed very popular in Japan). These have very small ears and are also very relaxed and mellow cats. Check out the YouTube videos of Maru, the most famous Japanese Scottish Fold, who loves to get his own head stuck into small boxes and places. Of the two cats I have now, one would absolutely not stand for having a hat put on them, but the other one is complacent and needy enough that I can get him to do just about anything for a little attention and a good scratch. I managed to get him to model and face mask as a hat a few weeks ago.

  16. @Carmen, cats tend to look annoyed a lot. Also, how do you know if they’re ACTUALLY annoyed?

  17. Before you all rush out to get those cute Scottish Fold cats, be advised that their folded ears are the result of a cartilage mutation that often results in an extremely painful arthritis-like condition for the cats as they mature. The breeding of these cats is going to be banned in some countries where they actually care about the health of pets more than deformities considered to be “cute”. Very sad…

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