Funniest Fails of Google’s New AI Search Tool “Overviews”

Google advises users to smoke during pregnancy, cook with glue and eat rocks. Yes, that’s right. Recently Google underwent a significant change, putting “AI Overviews” (AI-powered answers) above the actual search results for many queries. While this isn’t good for publishers who rely on people clicking through to their sites in order to stay in business, it’s even worse news for users, because they are served with a hot steaming plate of total bullshit. Scroll down to see the funniest examples of what happens when Google starts eating glue! Collected by @JeremiahDJohns

Google's new AI search results are having quite the week. Here's a thread with some of my favorite answers:

"smoking while pregnant"

gay characters in Mario Kart

As long as it's non-toxic

How many rocks

A fun suggestion to clean with bleach and vinegar (and no warning that if you combine them you get world war one poison juice)

Is it ok to leave a dog in a hot car?

train eight days a week

She looks so old for 20

are Ren and Stimpy in the Bible

Did not catch this episode

Oh wow...

Look it does actually get there in the end

Someone decided to do straightforward calculations via LLM, which is a very good idea with no downsides

Looney Tunes moment

Google's been reading Trump forums

this just seems accurate

is bowser gay

how long can I stare at the sun

If the AI says it...

Common Wisconsin W

More college hallucinations

Somehow coconut is the funniest part of this

11 thoughts on “Funniest Fails of Google’s New AI Search Tool “Overviews””

  1. When I hear that AI is going to replace tens of millions of human workers, destroy jobs, and create massive unemployment, because an AI can do the job better than any human could, I think of examples like these.

  2. Imagine the massive data centers with the massive consumption of energy and fresh water used to generate these inane responses. If this is where the human race is heading, extinction may come sooner than we expect!

  3. ” Recently Google underwent a significant change”

    I guess that’s an accurate description of a lobotomy.

  4. Google AI has made many, many careless mistakes. I don’t where any of those AI overview answers came from. This just proves that AI is not always accurate.

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