67 thoughts on “Before And After Pictures of Being Called a Good Boy”

  1. The white one with dark collar musta been the model for the werewolf muzzle last Halloween

  2. To be fair, when I tell the 2 male cats at my house that they are “Good Boys” they affectionately curl around my legs, I think they are try to trip me. The female cat, when I tell her she is a “Pretty Girl” will roll over on her belly for tickle, of course, I know that is a trap to claw me.
    Daisy, our dog, fits the mold. So happy when you tell her she is “Good Girl” but to be honest if you use the the right tone and tell that she is a stinky girl, or stupid girl or lazy girl she will also smile just as big.

  3. Watched this with cat on my lap.
    Thought how cats express feelings differently so tried this on her. Sure enuff, look stayed the same although purring got deeper.

    Then i saw the cat pics. So great.

  4. Earlier this evening I was just remembering my good Aussie, Sky. I’d look at him with admiration and adoration and say, “Sky. Oh Sky! Oh that Sky! Oh, that Sky! Oh Sky! whatta guy! Oh Sky …” He’d perk up his head and ears, start wagging his tail …. he’d roll over and end up on his back wigglin’ his whole body. His joy was deep. Then I’d go towards him to rub his tummy and he’d wiggle more.Then he’d jump up to his feet and lick my face and bump and rub into me. Happy dog, happy man!

  5. so you call them “good boy or girl and they suppose to smile????…dont think i ever saw my dog smile…

  6. The felines are definitely planning on world domination. Probably already have French maid outfits for canines!

  7. Yeha i wish my house would allow pets. They dont want them because of noise. YOU CAN TRAIN DOGS NOT TO BARK AMY!

  8. I like the fourth dog (is it a Yellow Lab?), where in the “after” picture there is a second dog waiting in line for its turn.

  9. My cat totally loves it when I tell him he’s a good boy. His face squints up and he ‘trill’ purrs, while trying madly to smooch my face. Everyone makes out cats don’t care but most people I know with cats have affectionate ones.

  10. The Black in the “smiling” pic reminds of that episode on Friends, when Chandler couldn’t smile naturally for pictures! lololol

  11. The Black CAT in the “smiling” pic reminds of that episode on Friends, when Chandler couldn’t smile naturally for pictures! lololol

  12. I CRY FOWL! My cats always appreciate anything I do for them. They are just more dignified and reserved, like the Japanese. Or Vulcans. They also drool a lot less than dogs.

  13. This is so unfair to the cats! My cats throw themselves on the floor and do a complete submissive roll onto their backs with legs in the air whenever I call their name or praise them!

  14. My cat was a dog. He’d come running whenever we walked in the door, hung out for food scraps, and was friendly to special humans he liked.

  15. The only problem with dogs is some day you have to make a hard choice or endure a sudden demise. They are family.

  16. That is pretty much the response I get from my cats also. Little to no expression change. Sigh

  17. No. 4 shows two different dogs. The one on the left is a lab, and the one on the right is a golden. The second dog in the right-hand photo is the original dog. You can tell the difference between the dogs by looking at their ears.

  18. None of these comments I’m seeing are talking about the birb one. The way his feathers floof after someone calls him a good boy is priceless.

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