Crocs Briefs, The Most Cursed Underwear To Ever Exist

Matt Benedetto is a product designer from Burlington, Vermont that is on a quest to create the ugliest abominations of fashion industry, but this time he has taken things too far – he has come up with Crocs Briefs that look like he got stuck in a toddlers swing and just cut the chains off.

Gator briefs.

In Matt’s own words: “This stylish pair of underwear is equipped with all your favorite accessories from the sport strap, breathable holes, and ribbed accents. When the occasion calls slide them up around your thighs and tackle the day like never before.”

Gator briefs.

Gator briefs.

Gator briefs.

The real name of this product is Gator Briefs, not Crocs Briefs, though. As far as we understand, Crocs doesn’t take kindly to using their brand name for such crimes against fashion. Currently this product is not on sale, but it may be soon. Keep an eye on Matt’s online store we he sells other absurd inventions nobody asked for.



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  1. Crashemup March 6, 2021


  2. Hic sunt leones March 7, 2021

    Fench me my pitchfork and torch darling, i have to go on a riot!

  3. Anonymous March 8, 2021

    he could have included a pocket for cell phone…

  4. Koizoh Rível March 8, 2021

    Where is the pocket for the poop knife?

  5. Al-Nonymous March 8, 2021

    This is the most disgusting, disturbing thing I have seen all week, and it’s only Monday. I hope I NEVER have to witness someone actually wearing this abomination!

  6. Reddit April 2, 2021

    ummmm why

  7. Eric April 2, 2021

    I need a pair, my wife said I better not when I posted a picture

  8. Laura April 3, 2021

    I can’t unsee this! But are they comfortable?

  9. Tea April 8, 2021

    Why do I keep coming back to *this* page? Like, eight times now.
    It’s gotta be shopped or he’s totally slick in front.


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