Hilariously Threatening Warning Signs

Signs are supposed to have the most basic of practical purposes. They can give directions, for example, or give the name of a street or place. Perhaps they are there to warn us of a potential hazard up ahead. Sometimes though, a warning sign can be hilarious and scary at the same time.

Funny warning sign.


Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.

Funny warning sign.



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  1. KING January 28, 2020


  2. Anonymous January 28, 2020

    Wild Animal Reserve
    Trespassers will be eaten.
    Survivors will be prosecuted.

  3. Anonymous January 28, 2020

    Ha ha!!!

  4. Anonymous January 29, 2020

    Highway Sign near Syracuse, NY reads:
    Speed Limit
    Enforced By

  5. Tracy Burdette Cousins January 29, 2020

    I loved all of those signs shown there. If people don’t like them they have no sense of humor. And it probably makes people think a little more about what they are reading

  6. Mary January 29, 2020

    We have dogs:
    “You only need to run faster than the slowest person.”

  7. Anonymous January 29, 2020

    Love these

  8. Anonymous January 29, 2020

    Love these signs!!!

  9. Spring January 30, 2020

    These are great‼

  10. Dot January 30, 2020

    people can’t say they haven’t been warned! :D

  11. Anonymous January 30, 2020

    Warning: trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again!

  12. Anonymous January 30, 2020

    This house is protected by an iron fist.

  13. Michele Bosley January 30, 2020

    Salesmen Welcome!
    Dog Food Is Getting Expensive

  14. Anonymous January 30, 2020

    We have the usual “No Tresspassing” sign and a little further down our road one that reads “You Are Now In Range”

  15. Anonymous January 31, 2020

    Trespassers will be Violated.

  16. Anonymous January 31, 2020

    Due to the high price of ammo there will be no warning shots. This is your only warning.

  17. Marcus Tucker January 31, 2020

    I read one once doing census work for to door that read, ” I shoot my gun out this door 2 days a week, you figure out what 2!!

  18. Anonymous January 31, 2020

    Security provided by Smith & Wesson, Samuel Colt, both performing quite skillfully. Acurrately backed up by mssrs Remington and Ruger. Mr. Weatherby is in charge of long distance trespassing.

  19. Anonymous January 31, 2020

    (Picture of a Doberman)
    Sign reads: I can make it from the house to the gate in 3.5 seconds…. Can you?

  20. ranch gal January 31, 2020

    Sign reads:
    ‘You would be better off sand papering a lions ass in a pair of pork chop panties than being caught on the other side of this fence’

  21. Walt February 1, 2020

    My driveway has a sign that says “if you can read this sign you are in range”

  22. Jan B February 4, 2020

    I like the sign with the barrel of a gun pointing at you and the caption reads “Wrong house” And the other one with the same gun “Forget the dog, beware of owner”

  23. Anonymous February 4, 2020

    You are no longer a trespasser, You are now a target

  24. Anonymous February 6, 2020

    My morning chuckle! Love these signs.

  25. Anonymous February 10, 2020

    Trespassers will be shot; survivors will be shot again.

  26. rcd February 10, 2020

    Picture of Rottweiler dog and text “I can make it to the fence in 2.8 seconds — can you?”

  27. Anonymous February 10, 2020

    Trespassers,please make medical arrangements prior to entering property

  28. Anonymous February 10, 2020


  29. Anonymous February 11, 2020

    A sign from Serbia; “Be aware of dog, chain is ‘made in China'”.

  30. Dontcarewontcare February 12, 2020

    Love these! Especially because England is very dull! Signs like this are gasp worthy and probably followed by a court letter to remove signs. 😂 thanks for the giggle!

  31. Anonymous February 12, 2020

    Sign with gun hanging on it “We call 911 second”

  32. Anonymous February 13, 2020

    So funny best giggle so far today….

  33. Anonymous February 13, 2020

    Dontcarewontcare…removed in England ’cause here they are valid no trespassing signs as it is clearly stated.

  34. Anonymous February 13, 2020

    We have a sign in our town that reads: “Merge” and “Take turns” because people do not know what merge means!

  35. David February 13, 2020

    Outside an English village I saw ‘Slow down for fox sake.’ Clever.

  36. Anonymous February 14, 2020

    Warning… I own firearms, and a backhoe!

  37. Anonymous February 15, 2020

    Sign on my front door reads: Burglars, if it looks like no one is home is it worth your life to find out? My other sign reads: Protected by BDLG (Barking Dog, Loaded Gun) Protection Agency.

  38. Alison February 16, 2020

    We have a sign.

    Today’s trespasser is tomorrow’s blue heeler shit.

  39. Anonymous February 18, 2020

    My German Shepherd can run to the street in 2.71 seconds, can you ?

  40. Grandma B February 18, 2020

    Did anyone besides me notice that the crocodile looked like it was wearing sunglasses?

  41. Anonymous February 18, 2020

    Hello Grandma B,
    Yes you were the only person to notice a crocodile wearing sunglasses. Everyone else saw the alligator wearing sunglasses.

  42. Anonymous February 20, 2020

    Drawing of revolver pointing at you and the words say “We don’t dial 911”.

  43. Anonymous February 27, 2020

    Our motto: shoot. Shovel. Shut up.

  44. John in DallasTX March 4, 2020

    great post – one of my all time fav signs said, “i can’t miss you if you don’t leave” – suuuuuch a great saying! ;-)

  45. Anonymous March 27, 2020

    The police have my name, fingerprints, scars and boobs, etc. Use them.

  46. Anonymous March 30, 2020

    Sign I saw recently: “NO SOLICITING – See Dog for Details”

  47. Anonymous August 9, 2020

    My dog eats every third salesman.

  48. A happy vegetarian August 26, 2020

    seen outside a lab: trespassers will be experimented on as “volunteers”. You saw this sign, so technically you “volunteered”

  49. Frankie Rod. January 28, 2021

    This place protected by Winchester security systems and a backhoe operator…

  50. Diane April 12, 2021

    Septic tank company in Ridgefield Connecticut, “we are number one in the number two business”

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