6 thoughts on “The Funniest “Unattended Children” Warning Signs”

  1. Unattended children will be given espresso and told that there is no Santa Claus.

    Parents have returned them to the store for new children they can actually love,and that they now will be returned to the child factory/farm and ground up to make new children.

  2. Bumper sticker from a Montessori school: Unattended children will be given a rabbit and a bucket of mud.

  3. unattended children will be given… parents. better parents. Because you’re bad parents… parents. K just shtn I know how they wander. Thought about cratin, th’boy like veal once r twice

  4. Attention parents, all unattended children will be turned into domestic animals and I WILL TAKE THOSE CREATURES FOR MYSELF

  5. these are too humorous. how about

    unattended children will be allowed to wander onto the highway

    unattended children will be encouraged to get into that candy van

    unattended children will be directed to the nearest beach. or catholic rectory.

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