Looking For a Funny Tea Infuser? Here Are Some Ideas…

It is a crime against tea to use a regular, ordinary tea infuser; doing so shows a flagrant disregard for the subtle aromas and flavors that give each cup its unique charm. It’s like committing tea-n-and-run on the finest leaves in the world! But fear not, there’s still hope for redemption! Break free from the shackles of mundane tea infusers and make a statement with one that is quirky and fun. That’s why we rounded up top 10 funniest tea infusers. Scroll down to check them out! P.S. These tea infusers will also pair well with funny mugs that we published previously.

Sloth tea infuser.

Wish to enjoy tea while embracing your inner sloth? Introducing the sloth tea infuser – a great addition to your lazy tea-sipping routine. This adorable and cuddly tea infuser looks just like a sloth that hangs lazily in your cup while slowly steeping your tea to perfection.

Mr. Tea.

Mr. Tea is the name of this guy. Insert your preferred infusion in his trousers (yes, really! ), then put him in your mug bath, and allow him to make your perfect cup of tea for you with no hassle or mess.

Funny tea infuser.

Add a little fun to your tea time with the deep tea diver! Simply fill with your favorite loose leaf tea and then submerge into the hot depths of your teacup! The tea infuser’s stainless steel “air tank” serves as a counterweight for the infuser.

Funny tea infuser.

Pooping butt tea infuser that might be a great gift for someone who has a juvenile sense of humor. It’s essentially a butt along with a pile of poo that sits in your cup brewing up your tea. It’s disgusting, yet oddly hilarious. This infuser works by placing your tea leaves inside the poo pile, then dunking the device into your tea mug. The butt will prop up on the side of your mug, while the stool sits at the bottom brewing up your tea.

Baby Nessie tea infuser.

Are we sure that Nessie is real? It’s probably not. Let’s face it, the chances of a ancient sea creature living in a Scottish lake are about as real as unicorns and dragons. If you want to save yourself a trip to Scotland, just get a baby Nessie tea infuser. This one at least actually exists.

Tongue tea infuser.

Have you ever wanted someone to stick their tongue in your cup of tea? You have? Really? Ewww… This is the product for you then, weirdo.

Yellow submarine tea infuser.

Do you have that one friend who takes his love for the Beatles to new heights? But for this friend, it’s not just about the music. Oh no, it’s about the whole package: the haircuts, the clothes, even the accent. But the real cherry on top? The stupid haircut. Yes, that’s right, he has taken the ultimate leap of faith and gotten a mop-top just like John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Here’s a perfect gift for him: the yellow submarine tea infuser.

Yellow rubber duck tea infuser.

Introducing the newest trend in bathing: yellow rubber ducks filled with tea! Yes, you read that right. Now you can turn your bathtub into a giant cup of tea and soak in the steaming, fragrant waters of your favorite blend. We truly live in amazing time.

Middle finger tea infuser.

Tired of polite hints not getting the message across that it’s time for your guests to leave and they have overstayed their welcome? Say it in style with the middle finger tea infuser! Just fill it with your favorite loose tea leaves, place it in a cup and watch as the steeped tea reveals a familiar gesture that speaks volumes.


Tragedy + time = tea. Has it been long enough since the sinking of Titanic and it’s now safe to make fun of it? Surely, the creators of Teatanic tea infuser think so.

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3 thoughts on “Looking For a Funny Tea Infuser? Here Are Some Ideas…”

  1. There’s also a duck butt, manatee, skull & bones, tulip, lots of critters – but not a proper tentacle in the bunch. Or a little Japanese guy with a towel on his head soaking in his “bath”. Or a corpse with the legs hanging out.

  2. No nuclear fuel rod-themed tea infusers? It’s a very popular holiday gift in Russia for former KGB agents in exile.


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