10 thoughts on “Funny Pride Signs: Just In Time For Pride Month”

  1. It was a very short journey from “We just want the right to marry” to “We just want the right to mutilate and f**k your children”. Pure evil.

  2. I thought hateful comments would be removed? The Holy Babble say: Judge not lest ye be judged. Try practicing what you preach sinners.

  3. Please don’t follow the bible until you’ve read all of it: the old and the new testaments from cover to cover. I have. Apply critical thinking. This ancient world view from thousands of years ago is full of a people so far removed from our modern times and understanding of the world. That’s why there are so many errors in it. We are still learning and will continue to do so. Google search “mistakes in the bible – old and new testament” and get ready to be truly educated. Think for yourself, free of dogma. Choose the life you want to live, not what others tell you to. And if you can’t give up your religion, then follow its rule of loving your neighbor, all your neighbors (regardless of sexual orientation.) Jesus said: Love one another just as I have loved you. If he can look past your perceived sins, shouldn’t you do the same with everyone too?

  4. all of these people are slaying more than I ever could. good for them!

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