29 thoughts on “The Funniest Pride Signs”

  1. I wouldn’t take Jesus as an example, after being tortured, hanged and buried in a cage he had to go back to his abusive father for all eternity.
    This is NOT the family model I choose to live by.

  2. Where does all the hate come from?
    Love your fellow human beings, like you want to be loved <3

  3. Keep your deviant lifestyles to yourselves. What you do with your genitals is your own business. That you freaks feel compelled to make a big deal of it tells the rest of us how insecure you are and how much you’d really prefer to be normal. Go back in your closets.

  4. Parading your perversion on the streets, then complaining when you’re called out for it. You were asking for opinions, you got them and got all butthurt. That’s mental illness!

  5. “Where does all the hate come from?”
    When you’ve watched this slippery slope go from “I just want to be me” to “I just want to be accepted” to “I just want visitation rights” to “Bake the cake, bigot!” to “Drag queen story hour” to “We’re coming for your children” to “Lia Thomas is the best female swimmer ever!” there comes a point where normal people stop being so passive.
    It’s not “hate;” it’s fatigue.

  6. #12 isn’t gay. shorts, white socks, and black shoes? no effing chance he is gay. even straight guys wouldn’t dress like that.

  7. Hating people you’ve never met seems inexplicable. It’s like forming an opinion without any knowledge of the subject.

  8. Hey Anonymous who wrote ¨Go back to your closets¨ I have been living in a closet most of my life. It is not fun. Keep your homophobia to yourself and try living in a closet.

  9. Hey anon.
    I’m the anon who wrote the “Where does all the hate come from?” comment.
    Thank you for explaining your point.
    The “Slippery slope” you’re talking about is in fact the establishing of inherent human rights that unfortunately have to be taken, because society at this point isn’t granting them.

    In my eyes you are are putting different stuff in the same basket. The only common denominator is that those are gender issues.

    Would you also do this for “race” issues?
    Like “First they want a place in the bus and now they’re are leading our military?”
    – By the way, there are no races.
    Humans are humans.

    I find your standpoint utterly offensive and appalling.

    Love everybody <3
    Hate no one!

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