Paintings With Added Live Smile Look Hilarious

These videos are made by artist Flower Hakka who cuts a part of the face of the painting. Then, he moves his own face under the original painting until it matches. The portrait face will be over the artist’s face, then he smiles, so it looks like the original painting has a smile. Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

Funny smiling painting.

Funny smiling painting.

Funny smile.

Smiling painting.

Smiling paintings are the best paintings.

Smiling Mona Lisa.

Smiling painting.

9 thoughts on “Paintings With Added Live Smile Look Hilarious”

  1. Removing comments is a communist activity. Everything is good and cool. It isn’t. This shit was played many times here.

  2. I’m not not sure how firmly you grasp the nuances of sociopolitical ideology, deer. It sounds like your feelings of entitlement have somehow been confused with economic philosophy.

    Anywho, Flower Hakka is a genius. At first, I thought it would be better to have the smiles already in place, but I quickly realized the transformation and subtle shifts of emotion are what make this so awesome. Absolutely love it!


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