Funny And Very Relatable Tweets About LinkedIn

It takes just a short glimpse at the LinkedIn page to realize how insanely successful, hyper-productive, and virtually unstoppable the people on there are. They achieved everything: they secured significant investment, increased company earnings, ensured that their staff felt genuinely loved, raised eight children, went bankrupt, and started life all over again. But there’s something annoying about the hyper-inspirational bullshit going on on this platform, and the Twitter accounts @TheStateOfLinkedIn and @BestofLinkedin are dedicated to exposing the not-so-pretty side of these posts.

Don’t let people notice that, it’s the majority of our content

A true classic

If you don’t come out of the pandemic with a newfound hate for Patrick, you lacked common sense

I hate when I forget to switch over to my burner LinkedIn account

True shit

Totally happened.



No she didn’t

Women supporting women!

This individual sounds like a bitch


I don’t think it’s the algorithm Joe

Sister’s dying…better post this picture of myself on LinkedIn

LinkedIn-esque tweets are now a thing

Your lad isn’t going to be an inventor not a billionaire, he’s gonna stack shelves in Lidl


C'mon Vick, my girl's on here

Classic LinkedIn.


In 2023, be more Matt!

9 thoughts on “Funny And Very Relatable Tweets About LinkedIn”

  1. “They don’t realize I’m a quiche.”

    No, dums**t; they ordered cheesecake and you gave them scrambled eggs with a flakey crust.

  2. No, no. I get the Airpods thing. Unpaid interns (i.e. SLAVES), you know?

    That ought to be (and probably actually is) illegal.

  3. Best page in 2024! I have a linkedin account, these cases are extremes, the diluted stuff is probably worst because it’s more prevasive and harder to spot

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